Everything You Should Know About School Management Software Pricing

Image with text Everything you should know about the school management software pricing

As the world becomes rapidly interconnected, so does the education industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected industries all over the world, and education is not an exception. Today, students from strong financial backgrounds and supported by parents could find their way past closed school doors with the help of alternative learning opportunities. And those who are not having any advantages remain shut out when their schools are closed.

This crisis has exposed a whole new level of challenge for the educational institutes to find low-cost school software to begin the education process once again. However, finding the right type of school administrative software that is inexpensive and can benefit everyone irrespective of their financial condition could be frustrating.

There are plenty of options available when it comes to school administration software in the market. But the school management software price in India depends on a variety of factors. Moreover, there are various pricing methods used for the school fees management system. In this post, we will discuss various pricing methods used by the vendors for the school fees collection software and various factors influencing the pricing of school management software.

Different Pricing Models of School Fees Management System

Per Student Pricing 

There is a couple of low-cost school software available in the market that scales their pricing models based on the number of students using the application. Such school management software prices in India range from approximately 37 INR per month to 1700 INR per month for the individual student. It is possible for the students to pay the annual price for using such software.

Monthly/Yearly Pricing 

Unlike per student, some vendors often prefer to opt for a monthly or yearly pricing model where they charge for using software irrespective of the number of students. Such software applications usually charge approximately 12000 INR to 1,50,000 INR for monthly and yearly licenses respectively. Moreover, it is possible for the schools to leverage various features like additional storage on the cloud to manage school data.

One Time Pricing 

Sometimes school management often prefers to opt for a one-time payment for using the school fees management system. This could be the best option for the educational institutes since it helps them get heavy discounts and get rid of managing monthly or yearly payment cycles for using the software. In general, such software applications costs between 1,15,000 INR to 5,00,000 INR based on the functionalities required by the schools.

Feature-Based Pricing 

This pricing option is totally different from the rest of the models discussed so far. It is observed that there are a few vendors offering feature-based pricing options to the schools. In this scenario, the schools are liable to pay only for the features they are requesting. In case, the number of requirements is less, the schools can benefit from low-cost school software. On the other hand, if the number of features expected is more, the schools will have to pay accordingly.

Factors influencing the pricing of school management software

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You might have noticed that school management software prices in India varies greatly from vendor to vendor. Such great variance in price school fees collection software between different vendors is because of the number of features offered. So, what are the factors influencing the pricing of school management software? Let’s find out:

Cloud offerings

One of the most common factors affecting the price of any school fees management software is cloud services. Some of the vendors often provide software or applications on the cloud, which is the reason for the additional cost of the software.

Role-based login

The school management software is for the students, faculties, and administrative staff of the school. Some vendors provide role-based login with a limited number of students or staff allowed at the basic level and charge additional for increasing the number of students or staff logins.

GPS Tracking

School management software is intended to track and monitor the activity and progress of the students. It is important for the faculties and parents to keep an eye on the student’s activity and their location. Many vendors often come up with GPS tracking features with some nominal charges.

SMS & email alerts

Some school management applications often include additional charges for using the SMS and email alert facility since they are using third-party applications to enable such facilities.

Technical support

It is important to check for the post-sales support provided by the vendor. Based on the level of support expected, the price may be increased.

Staff training

Although school management applications are user-friendly and easy to use, sometimes the vendor includes training fees to train school staff for using some complex modules of the application.

The number of modules used

As discussed above, based on the number of features or modules expected by the school, the price of the software may rise. If you are going to look out for some additional modules, get ready to pay higher for using them.

Concluding Notes

Reviewing the price of school management software is never simple for schools. It requires a lot of research and a thorough understanding of the requirements of an institute before looking out for the options in the market. However, it is advisable to consider the period of 5 to 10 years usage of the software since schools don’t switch the systems too often. While most of the school management software are premium and require upfront payment to use it, there are a few like AEDU that are offering lifetime free school management software for the educational institutes and that too with flexibility to customize it the way they want. Want to know more about AEDU? Click here!

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