How AEDU can help schools master the art of virtual learning?

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How school management software can help schools master the art of virtual learning

Online teaching resources are like virtual classes, PDFs, teaching videos, and many more that can help schools’ administration to regulate the time, efforts, and resources in the most productive manner. It has always been a challenge for teachers and admin staff to manage time and resources together, whether it’s inside or outside the classroom. 

We have discussed over and again about how administrative workload wastes vital hours of teachers and other faculties, which they could use in providing quality education to students and other productive activities. AEDU School Management system helps teachers to add notes, and other learning videos and content over the parent portal. This saves lots of time for the teachers, and provides a seamless experience to children as they can learn as per their convenience. The online tools of AEDU help the schools to track their students’ submissions and also makes it accessible for parents to monitor their academic work.  

Lets us look further on how virtual learning can help students with their topmost priorities: 

  • Social distancing and Virtual Access to education go hand in hand 

AEDU provides you with online tools, customized features, and functions to help your active teams share knowledge seamlessly and effectively. The school management software helps both teachers and students access their content and learn anytime and anywhere. They have to enter their ID and passcode, and they can get started on any device. It is engaging and productive for all teachers, students, and administration staff of schools to use AEDU. 

  • Cater Seamless engagement between parents, students, and school

Schools can boost communication using customized tools and features provided by school management software. Learning through online videos and content gives rise to lots of questions and doubts in the minds of students, but both from the portal and the mobile apps, students can ask their doubts to teachers, and it all can be clarified over chats. The teachers can use the homework section to update the assignments and activities, and then students can submit it when they are done with it. This whole process requires the participation of all and tracks all the tasks, courses, and assignment completion by both teachers and students. 

  • Streamline knowledge distribution with AEDU online tools

Schools should reach out to the resources that can help them to streamline the distribution of education and other learnings. AEDU school management software includes features and tools that can help teachers prepare assignments in advance and schedule them to post later at a specific date and time over the parent portal. Teachers and administrators can also set a due date for submissions and assignments, and students will get an alert via push notification before the due date so that they can meet the deadlines of assignment submission. Schools using online software for their school management feel that it is the most valuable asset for them as well as students and parents. 

  • Convenient learning methods 

Have you ever lied to your parents that you had a stomach ache when you didn’t want to go to your school? As a kid, you may have skipped your school by giving lame excuses to your parents. The main advantage of learning online is that students can access their classroom 24 hrs/day and seven days a week. AEDU provides all details on the parent portal that keeps parents in a loop while uploading new lectures and PDFs so that parents stay updated with all the in-between communication. Teachers can share all the assignment sheets, practice questions, and other material on the portal, and students can access them and complete them on their preferred time.  

  • Coordinate and manage resources

Schools can save a lot of their time and efforts of their staff members and other resources by installing AEDU school management software. AEDU provides customized features and tools for all tasks like the timetable, course material, emergency messages, progress reports, safety, and others that can make a school more productive and efficient. 

  • Flexible learning 

Online courses provide you with the flexibility of studying whenever, wherever, and in whichever form you want. Some students have a habit of studying in the morning, and some can stretch long hours of learning at night. With AEDU school management software, students can access the study material posted by teachers in the homework module whenever they want. This also helps both teachers and parents have work-life balance in their routine life. 

  • Students learn Self-discipline and responsibility.

Virtual learning requires a lot of self-motivation and concentration, while learning in classrooms, students have no option other than studying. Still, while learning at home, students need to be disciplined enough to timely visit the portal and attend all the lectures and refer to the content shared by the teachers. To check on the students’ progress, and learning, teachers can update tests and assignments and define the deadlines for submissions. Through this module, teachers can regulate students studying only to a certain point. Further, students need to develop self-discipline and motivation to learn and develop their intellect. 

  • Economical

Virtual learning is cheaper than the traditional way of classroom teaching. If your school chooses to adopt AEDU school management software, it can benefit from a free school management system. AEDU is COMPLETELY FREE for schools. AEDU charges only for some customizations like biometric, etc., and that too at very nominal charges.  


Online Education is an excellent way where schools don’t have to compromise with the learning of their students. This way of education saves many teachers a lot of time and efforts that they can further invest in searching for diverse material for their students to learn. The practice of school management software is user-friendly, productive, flexible, convenient, and keeps all in a loop, which eliminates confusion and misunderstanding. 

While practicing online learning through school management software, students develop self-discipline and motivation that improves students’ concentration while studying as the self-motivated student can grasp the teaching in a much faster and productive manner. 

We all are suffering this global COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t stop us from learning. We should take it as an opportunity to explore new ways of absorbing the same content in our textbooks, as this provides better understanding to students. AEDU school management software can be an excellent option for schools that don’t want to compromise with their students’ learning and provide knowledge most productively and proactively. 

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