How AEDU can help to See You through school closure

How can the school management system help schools to see through school closure?

Many schools all over the world have already shut their doors and others are having a serious discussion about the closure of schools. Here let’s talk about some tips that could help to retain the strong school community and still support student learning in the situation of lockdown. 

  • Communicate 

It is one of the essential and obvious advice to keep communicating with staff, students, and parents throughout school closure. This will help to reassure your community and will also help them stay updated with key changes they need to know. It will provide them with tips to see through self-isolation, and they get updated regarding the reopening dates and other updates. By communicating, teachers can assign tasks that could help learning going and ensure that parents are getting the child’s progress report. 

As students suddenly are home for 24/7 interacting with peers and teachers through digital platforms, hence they have the time where they can explore and learn more and their parents can help them there. 

  • Participating online

Regardless of schools being closed, the teaching and learning don’t have to be stopped. The School Management Software is accessible 24/7, and wherever you are in this world can take your school digital. School management software like AEDU, which is hosted on the cloud and available remotely can help you keep your school data at your fingertips even if the school is closed.

This software can help you synchronize platforms and learning management systems online and build an entire school community online.

  • Digitalizing admissions

Despite schools being closed, they should always concentrate on boosting the number of students and graduating them from their schools. The admission process is done under the physical presence of parents and students, but this is impossible under the government’s advice, but this process can be done digitally. 

The schools have to take applicants on a tour where they make them understand the school and then staff members speak to them on an online chatroom. The software like AEDU can direct applicants to fill the online form on the school’s website. In doing so, you must consider that the applicant has promoted to the next academic year and has met your strategic targets. 

  • Ensure wellbeing

Looking at a student’s well being is the concerned topic for educational institutions, and it is more challenging in these situations of COVID-19. As this situation demands schools for being closed and hence students have to face a lengthy period of self-isolation which will keep them away from social gatherings. This lonely period can result in their behaviour, physical and mental wellbeing. 

Schools can provide them with exciting tasks and activities which won’t let their mental growth stop, and then these activities could be shared with teachers. This could help teachers to keep knowledge about the wellbeing of their students. 

  • Economical 

Looking toward the ongoing success of the school, the committee needs to ensure that financial management doesn’t have a huge impact. The integration of a cloud-based platform will provide support and will ensure that the financial team can access the financial information whenever they required. Digitalizing the processes will reduce the time on workflow approvals and other administrative tasks. This system would be easily accessed to the accountable, and the communication feature will notify parents about the outstanding fees. 

By keeping up with school finances in this way will ensure the Senior Leadership Team to get a sight about the financial trajectories and future forecasting.   

  • Learning from one another

In the light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the schools are closed, and as they go further, they are learning how they can build and share the knowledge in the education community. By communicating, supporting every member of the community through digital mediums, we can take our school community to any circumstances and also ensure that student learning are not interrupted.     


The learnings don’t need to be defined over timings and subjects. At every step of the way, we learn something or the other. This problematic situation of the COVID-19 outbreak has also made us learn so many new things. 

This outbreak has taught us that studying can be done anywhere and at any time. We don’t need proper classes and physical presence for that. It has also taught us new ways of communicating with teachers and admin staff through different digital options and participating online in learning. This will ensure the wellbeing of students’ mental health and their mental growth won’t stop. AEDU school management system can help your school create this platform so that we all together fight against the COVID-19 without adjusting the education and learning. 

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