How Can a Bus Tracking System Benefit?

How Can The Bus Tracking System Benefit The School?

Safety on children always comes first. Children’s safety is something every parent is worried about, and it is the most crucial feature they look to before applying for admission process for their child. The feature of bus tracking helps not only is bounded till school campus or in-school hours but also is prolonged to when children are commuting to school or back. 

Considering the importance of safety, In 2014, CBSE made it compulsory for school buses to have a GPS installed to ensure the safety of children’s transportation while coming to school and going back. 

Use of this GPS can offer several benefits apart from just tracking the school bus, like mentioned below, Let’s take a glance at the benefits of safety and administration benefits which are not so obvious but are very crucial nevertheless: 

  • Real-time monitoring of school bus

With a GPS tracking system, the feature of real-time tracking is the obvious benefit of the school transport system. This system of GPS ensures alerts to parents as soon as the child departs from school premises. Live tracking updates can quickly follow the route. This feature also makes them aware of the delays or deviations caused due to heavy traffic. Extra merit served by this system is that it now becomes easy for parents to schedule the on-time to pick their kids from the drop points. 

  • Tranquillity for parents as well as teachers

Now the parents and institution both can be at peace as with the function of bus tracking they can quickly know the progress of the kid while going or coming back from school. It assures them. It becomes a prominent feature, at times when students visit for trips, school excursions, sports, picnics or outside for any traditional school hours. The system will notify the parents, hence now they don’t have to stress over the safety and location of their child.   

  • Unauthorized usage of school bus can be avoided

Every time the engine starts the school transport administrators get an alert, this can avoid the situations of the school bus getting used for some fraudulent or unauthorized purposes.  

  • Effortless record keeping and record creation

The manual process of record-keeping can be a tedious task and may also require extra personnel for the completion of the task. The bus tracking feature can make it easy and effortless to record details of distance travelled, number of trips, hours of travel, punctuality and many more. This comprehensive analysis makes the task of the transport administrator easy; further, after reviewing bus schedules, changes can be made easier if necessary. 

This automatic system of bus tracking and transport management simplifies the process by creating customized reports on a single click of a button. 

  • Optimum utilization of school transport budget

Every institution works on a strict budget, similarly, the school also functions on budget, and it includes a separate budget for the school transport system. Investing the budget on GPS tracking saves finances in several ways. It provides better resource allocation and also ensures short routes that save fuel. It also helps in route optimization and also schedules vehicle maintenance—there are many more minor financial benefits of school incorporating GPS in school buses.   


For schools to engage efficiently and ensure the safety of their students, it has become crucial for school administration to install the GPS tracking system. It not only establishes the safety of children and school bus fleet but also provides several other benefits which can show significant impacts in the long run. 

To know more about this system and swiftly install it for your school and experience the benefit of it. Make a call and schedule a demo.

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