How can AEDU help schools improve their efficiency and productivity?

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If you are the owner or admin of a school, you may be looking for school management software to make sure that your institute runs smoothly. A school management software can help you automate the operations and improve the overall efficiency of the school. AEDU is a comprehensive school management software with various features and modules to manage the entire lifecycle of a school such as attendance, assignments, fee collection, reports, library, transport, and others. AEDU is a free school management software that helps you manage everything right from attendance management to sending progress reports to the parents, and everything in between. 

AEDU is rapidly empowering the schools during COVID-19 outbreak as most of the schools and institutes are focusing on virtual online classes. It is a reliable school management software that helps schools perform their daily operations seamlessly. This online school management system is embraced by thousands of schools to build a better future for the students. 

Easy and effective communication 

This software facilitates easy and smooth communication between the different authorities of the school. It also acts as a communication channel between parents, teachers, students, and admin staff. The students’ progress reports and performance can be tracked by the parents to help them understand how their child is studying. Even a layman can use this software without any difficulty. So, don’t worry if you or your staff members do not possess any technical knowledge. You’ll still be able to access this school management system and manage all the tasks online with a few mouse clicks or finger tap. 

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Improve Teacher’s productivity 

Teachers can plan, organize, assign, and manage all the activities without any paperwork. Teachers can save a lot of time and efforts with the help of AEDU. Apart from managing attendance, it provides a simple way to manage timetable, exams, assign homework, calendar, and much more. It helps the teachers plan their time wisely and boost their productivity. 

Avoid unnecessary costs 

A typical school management system may cost you anywhere between $1000 to $50,000 depending on the features and functionality required. Whether you select a ready made software or choose custom school management software development, it would require a huge investment. AEDU is COMPLETELY FREE software that helps you save a lot of development costs when it comes to spending money for the school management system. Schools can eliminate paperwork, tedious manual administrative tasks, and manpower also. 

Assessing students’ progress

With school ERP, it becomes easier for schools to conduct exams online at any time, from anywhere. You can choose weekly tests, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual examinations. Teachers can evaluate students’ performance and parents can also track the progress of their child to find out where they lack. 

Provide quality education

Most of the parents are not willing to send their children to schools due to the widespread Coronavirus all over the world. Being an online school management system, manual processes and paperwork can be eliminated, resulting in greater efficiency and improving the quality of education delivered by teachers and schools. All the tasks can be automated and streamlined to run the school smoothly. 

Real-time data 

With AEDU – school management system, you can provide access to as many people as you may want. You can offer access to various departments such as admissions, HR, examination, transportation, and more to access real time information. This helps all the teams stay updated with any change made in your school processes. With real-time access to records, your teachers and administrative staff members can deliver better services to make your institute efficient. 

What makes AEDU the future-ready school management software?

Go Paperless  AEDU offers online modules to minimize paperwork by managing all the records and data. Constantly improving  Our R&D team at AddWeb Solution is working constantly to release new updates and upgrades to website and app. Excellent Customer support  We are known for offering excellent customer support to our clients across the globe. we’re just a call away. 

Our team can help you customize AEDU to match your exact requirements. Whether you want to migrate the existing online learning management software to our platform or want to customize AEDU, we are there to help. We have helped several schools and educational institutes customize the features of AEDU to suit their schools’ requirements. 

Get in touch with us to book a demo to discover how AEDU can be beneficial for your school. 

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