How can AEDU help schools save time and costs?

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Most governments around the world have temporarily closed schools and educational institutes to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Schools have started online classes to bridge the education gap as schools remain closed due to Covid-19. Several schools are investing in online school management software and mobile apps to introduce new learning methods, facilitate parent-teacher communication, and provide better education to the students of all the grades. 

Schools, coaching centers, and educational institutes are looking for mobile applications to increase their efficiency, deliver the best learning to students, and minimize the operational costs. AEDU is the best school management software that is designed to help schools manage all the management work with websites and mobile apps. This school management system brings efficiency and automation in the daily tasks, freeing up the time for teachers and administration staff members to focus on educating the students. 

Attendance and Tracking 

AEDU offers attendance of the students to parents so that they can track the attendance of their children online using the mobile app. This feature helps the parents stay updated with the regularity of their kid and make sure that children attend the classes regularly. 

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Fee Management 

Fee management module offered by AEDU publishes the due amount of fees to parents in real-time. Parents get reminders for the upcoming payments and notifications are sent to the school authorities when the fee is paid by parents. 


Assigning homework becomes easy with AEDU. The teachers can assign homework to students using their teachers’ app and that can be seen by the parents on parents’ app. Parents can get information about the child’s homework and assignments online. 

Test and Examination Results 

The teachers can upload the exam schedule that can be viewed by parents to plan the learning schedule of their children accordingly. Students as well as parents can access progress reports, tests, mark sheet, and exam results directly.

The educational sector requires a lot of time-consuming procedures and tasks. How great would it be to incorporate all the tasks into a single school app that can be accessed by teachers and parents on their mobile phones? AEDU is a free school management system that offers end to end solution for school administration and online learning. The school management and administration don’t need several different software to manage all the tasks individually. They can manage all the tasks with AEDU, which facilitates smooth communication between all the departments, parents, teachers, transport owners, and administration staff members. It equips your school with the latest technology and eliminates the need of hiring an IT team to manage the software. 

Without investing a lot of money, you can get a feature-rich mobile app for running your school easily and provide online education to students. A lot of savings come from the reduction of paper cost, printing costs, phone bills, and administration staff’s costs and time. Freeing up the teachers, faculty members, and administration staff are the form of indirect savings when schools choose AEDU as a school management system. 

Covid-19 has transformed the education sector completely. It’s the right time to build a school management software and mobile app to deliver the best learning to students. Book a Demo today!

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