How Digital Learning is Shaping the Education System

digital learning

Our parents grew up with no technology whatsoever. No mobile phones, no laptops, & no internet. Even if they had a television, it only broadcasted one channel. One can only imagine how amazed our grandparents, parents, and teachers must be today to see this technological evolution. Yet, the idea of leaving behind traditional classrooms to enter a virtual classroom with just a click seemed shocking, to say the least, and out of the question. The COVID-19 pandemic powerfully pushed India and the rest of the world to switch from traditional classroom learning to digital learning. It was difficult for students, but teachers struggled to adjust to the new virtual classroom. It was a rocky and unfamiliar start, but India has only become better and more efficient with time. 

There is no doubt that the digital infrastructure is becoming more robust, and the digital movement in India has reached every pocket with a mobile phone. This made digital learning an essential aspect of a deep and effective education. 

What is digital learning?

Digital learning involves learning through electronic media such as mobile phones, tablets, or laptops, over the internet. It has become a critical, popular, and well-accepted form of learning, especially since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Digital learning education has become more impactful and efficient than learning in a traditional classroom. Studies showed that the ability of a student to understand and retain information was higher on a digital platform than in a conventional classroom. 

It is also believed that digital learning and the connection between education and technology will only become stronger in the future. 

Online classes have given space for the students to think, process what is being taught, and communicate well with teachers before rushing onto the next thing. Digital learning has provided the students with a better and more engaging learning experience which usually would get lost in a traditional classroom. Teachers can cater to every student’s needs and shortcomings with the help of new digital learning software and platforms where the online classes are conducted.

What is an effective tool for online learning? 

A digital or online learning software like an ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning) System is an effective tool for online schooling. Ever since the pandemic badly hit the education system worldwide, school ERP software made the functioning and management of educational institutions easy and effective. A hassle and trouble-free school management system offers an application to automate all school data such as attendance, student details, assignments, fees, and report cards, leaving no room for errors. 

School ERP systems are the one-stop solution for all departments in a school. The communication between teachers, students, and parents was never as straightforward and quick as it is now. This software for digital or elearning has made it easy for parents to track their children’s progress and overall reports at school. Parents can also track the movement of school transportation through risk-free school management software.

How can digital learning be better?

The experience and impact of digital learning can be improved by creating better resources and platforms to learn on. The first step to improve digital or online learning will be to strengthen the structure of the platform where teachers would meet students online by adopting AEDU’s school ERP system. This school management software is highly performance-driven and provides flawless solutions to increase the overall productivity and functioning of the school.

With the evolution of technology and digital learning worldwide, it has become the responsibility of educators to provide up-to-date resources and learning experiences to their students. Education and Digital learning are the backbones of a country and its economy. Through its school ERP software, AEDU aims to bridge the gap between students, teachers, and parents to increase the quality of communication which in turn will improve the quality of education online. 

Feel free to contact us; we will be happy to assist your schools and institutes to go digital.

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