How School ERP can provide effortless Home Based-Learning during Covid-19 Pandemic

Since the COVID-19 outbreak emerged, Home-based learning policy is playing a vital role. It is being adopted by all of the education and informal institutions. As schools are showing no clue for reopening, hence it is required to make the educational programs more effective. 

Home-based learning involves several methods for continuing the learning process. Like some would share information on platforms like a telegram, WhatsApp, or video call through zoom or by subscribing to other learning platforms. But question yourself, is that enough?  

The School management software, known as School ERP can help the school to manage the learning and operational work when teachers and students cannot be in the same place. School ERP functions as a platform that communicates the information and shares the data in real-time. Let’s look at some of its benefits: 

  • Competent learning and data sharing 

The Aedu system can help teachers to share the learning material, documents, or e-books on the online portal. As this can make the learning process more effective, as once the students and teachers arrive on the same platform, they can work collectively on the materials and instructions. This helps in minimizing the miscommunication as the shared data can be accessed at any time and anywhere. 

  • Supervise student’s activity 

All through this home-based learning, the students need to log in to their enrolled classes and the teacher can look to the timing and mark their attendance accordingly. Hence it helps the teacher to review the discipline report of each student. 

All the live lectures can be recorded and further uploaded on the portal for revision. While the virtual lectures are going on, teachers can also share the documents and notify the students to open them and participate accordingly.

The same procedures are followed for project and assignment submissions. The projects and assignments assigned are added on their account so that they can download and submit it. Teachers can easily check up on all the submissions. This is how Aedu can help teachers in monitoring students’ reports.  

  • Productive learning evaluation 

With the help of School ERP, the teachers can get easy access to the learning process through multiple tests like quizzes, sectional tests, or mock-ups. Furthermore, these tests can be taken in many forms, and some of the flexible options teachers can opt are true/false, fill in the blanks, short questions, or MCQs. 

To ascertain that the test is competent and no cheating is going on, schools can opt to use other software that can regulate student’s devices. So that during the test teachers can determine whether students are open to other tabs or not. However, Aedu also provides this feature with special customization. 

  • A comprehensive report for student’s performance

Once done with the test the system generates an automated report of the student’s progress. It circumscribes aspects like presence, task completion, punctuality, quality, and results of the test.

The system can produce a profound report for teachers. This report will include the data of the students who are above the average, below the average, and who can hardly make it. It will bring certain patterns to the teacher’s notice about each student, and then they can conclude if this learning is turning out to be effective or not.   

  • Parents role

The concern that orbits around home-based learning from the parent’s end, What if both parents are employed and are unable to work from home, how will they be able to regulate their child’s study at home?  

The Aedu School management system provides a separate portal for parents which can be accessed from anywhere. It is a multifunctional portal, providing various information related to school activities, like progress reports, notes from the teacher, complaints, punishments, appraisals, invoices for fees, and other important updates. This software bridges the communication gap between teachers and parents and can provide an effective learning process to their child.   


The COVID-19 outbreak made us comprehend that regardless of where the learning process takes place, schools should always find ways to make the most of it. Investing in School ERP is very pivotal for schools. Nonetheless, the functionality of the system is not limited to specific periods, this will benefit the school in the long run and help schools in providing an effective and efficient education.   

Even during these uncertain times, AEDU is here to bring certainty to schools. Our solutions support thousands of teachers and students to stay in touch with parents and facilitate home-learning, every day. We’re ready to help you – let’s get started.

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