Library Management Software: Read Offline, Issue a Book Online!

There’s always been a constant tug-off war between the virtual and real world. One can never decide upon one of them as an ideal way of leading life. All that we can do is find a fine share of balance between the two by picking up the bests of both. Retaining physical-printed books is one such significant thing from the offline world that we need to retain. Especially, at the educational level. Because, in today’s time, it’s imperative to implant the value and worth of physical book-reading right from the roots. On the same time, one can always remain open to embracing the modern-day changes to improve the quality of the lifestyle.

The virtual world, on one hand, improves the quality of the lifestyle while the offline world improves the quality of life. And hence, AddWeb has created the AddWeb Education Management System(AEDU) – a software management system for schools to be able to adopt an affordable system that accelerates their working process. But at the same time, we have also retained the library of physical books, which can continue watering the kids’ minds with imagination power and ideas.

The Library Management Software by AEDU is a tool to streamline the entire management process of books in a library, which proves to be a constructive step for both the students as well as the librarian. Let us share what features does this Library Management Software by AEDU consists of:

Add Books: Managing all those bunches of books in the library and keeping a track of the same is one of the most tiresome affairs for a librarian. AEDU frees you up, our dear librarians, from managing the library books. With the Library Management Software at your rescue, a librarian’s login is being created from where he/she can add the entire range of books in the system. Once that is done, the everyday affair of lending the receiving the lent books back can be done over just a click, without any need to manage those piles of books!

Issue & Return Books: Keeping a track of the books issued and receiving back, as mentioned above, is quite an onerous task for any librarian. Irrespective of the rush that library witnesses, keeping a track of every single book in it does get off-track sometimes. And hence, AEDU created this Library Management System as a part of its School Management System, which keeps a digital record of every book that is issued/returned/bought with their respective dates and details. This makes the entire issue & return process of the books much smoother and stress-free.

Student & Teacher Accounts: Sometimes it also may happen that the librarian needs to check on individual accounts of teachers and students, in order to check which book was issued to them and when. AEDU has also taken care of such individual accounts, apart from the books issue & return account, as a part of this Library Management System. And hence, the librarian can now easily manage the library account of every teacher and student with just a click.

Concluding Words In the age of digitizing everything around us, seldom do we realise that some things are best kept away from the virtual world. Books are one of the vital things amongst them all. And hence, in the process of digitizing the entire School Management System, AEDU has taken utter care of keeping books away from being polluted from the technological world. And hence, we just tried simplifying the management process of the library by digitizing it and not the books themselves. Because AEDU promotes and prays for much more and richer book-readers for the bright future of the world!

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