Making Education All-Inclusive with a Free School Management System!

Indian Education – An education system, which once remained unrivalled, has today reached to the unfateful & deteriorating condition when it comes to the quality of it. Excluding a handful of modern & highly-expensive schools, a large portion of the Indian education industry suffers from a rotten administrative disposition and lack of conscientious modernisation. And address this very problem, AddWeb comes with its very own School Management System – AEDU!

What do current Indian Schools lack?

Schools are the places, where the future generation is nurtured. And hence, that’s where the future of the nation is dependent the most upon. So, it becomes vital for schools to be progressive in every possible manner. But unfortunately, that’s the only place which lacks progressiveness the most.

A life that is otherwise highly surrounded by technology and varied gadgets, the majority of schools still doesn’t have the most basic access to gadgets like computers. It is imperative that a child experiences & learns things at schools that he can connect well with the real world. The drastic difference between both the worlds will leave him baffled sometimes. And hence, the online management system of the school will help them conceive and co-relate with the practical use of technology that might come to his use too as a grown-up.  

Parents too feel the same about the operation of a school’s management, when they’ve otherwise adopted several technologies in their day-to-day lives. The dearth of technology and the ease that it provides to one, leave the parents with no option but to opt for those highly-expensive schools. Though, well equipped with modern technologies, these high-end schools does not economically fit into our country’s current economic condition. Catering only the cream class of the country’s overall population, these schools completely ignore the very purpose of spreading quality education to the grass-root level.

In such a situation, it becomes imperative for the privileged one to step up and do something within their respective capacities. And hence, AddWeb with its technological proficiency over technology took over the responsibility of creating an app that works even-handedly across all the schools, nationwide. AEDU is our humble attempt at bringing-in equality in our Indian education system through technology!

AEDU – The Ultimate Solution that’s All-Inclusive!  

A solution to any education-related issue should never be just concentrated towards a certain section of society. Because the very purpose of education is to eliminate disparities of all kind. A lot of other ‘elite’ schools are already breeding the idea of dividing the education class-wise. But the very core of AEDU is bringing in the all-inclusiveness, at least in the way the schools are being managed.

Right from the administrative department to the fees management department, teacher’s task management, updates received by the parents, et al are all brought together on the same page and in a more structured manner with this school management system. AEDU is the ultimate software for managing the schools, which isn’t restricted to just one group of schools but is designed to be used across schools from various parts of the world.

AEDU is a software that is also backed with three mobile applications viz. Driver’s App for tracking the kids’ school bus route and Parents App for sending across updates and accelerating the communication between the school and the parents. These on-the-go apps perfectly suit the current lifestyle of working parents and hence works as a boon to them for taking care of their school-going kids. Similarly, AEDU also has a Teacher’s App for simplifying the administrative job of a teacher and sparing them more time & energy for focusing on the core of teaching.

Accustomed to ‘Talk Solution’, AddWeb had since long been the witness of this very issue faced by the Indian education system. Being a mere IT Company, changing the entire education system wasn’t in our hands. But aiding the schools with a FREE school management system was surely within our capacity. And thus, AEDU – AddWeb Education Management System was created. So, if you too feel like adopting this modern way of managing the school with this school management system of ours, feel free to get in touch with us here.

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