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Key Indicators that shows you are in dire need of an online school management software

Even before the pandemic, managing an entire school operation was quite hectic and chaotic due to a lack of automation and digitization. Most of the schools are still using legacy systems and following outdated practices. But the recent lockdowns and … Read More

AEDU - Free School Management System Help Your School to Achieve Better Learning Outcomes

How School ERP Systems like AEDU Help Your School to Achieve Better Learning Outcomes?

School Management System has gradually become an essential tool in the education sector during the coronavirus pandemic. Such an online school management system helps schools manage their day-to-day operations and educational activities and is useful in automating tedious and time-consuming … Read More

School erp to automate exam management in school

How Can You Leverage School Management System to Automate Exams in Your school?

At present, educational institutes all over the world are working on various approaches while keeping an eye on government rules and regulations about the opening of the educational institutes. Right from working on a hybrid class model and adopting a … Read More

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Why Do You Need School ERP Software for Your School?

For every business, there is software available to automate the business process and so does the education industry. There is various free school administration software available in the market, but it got mere attention from the educational institutes. However, the … Read More

Online Assessment Tools – How It Helps You Keep Track of Student’s Progress?

Assessment plays a vital role in encouraging students to learn, provide their progress feedback, and measuring the level of achievement. Whether it is a pre-assessment, formative assessment, or summative assessment, it is not required to check the students’ knowledge. Still, … Read More

School Management System

11 Fascinating Merits Of School Management System

For both admins of school or college, different software is developed for automating your organizations. School Management Software is now an intrinsic part, and It helps in digitizing school operations to improvise the efficiency and productivity of school. … Read More

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School Management Software Can Benefit To Build School Business

How can school management software benefit to building school business The owner of an institution faces issues related to leading the existing business or growing a business. Satisfying management strategies and school management systems help to handle multiple school accounts … Read More

School Management System

Tug-Off War Between the Traditional & Digital School Management System

Old is Gold.” but not all that glitters is gold. And the traditional school management system is certainly one of them. Because it may glitter with the tags like ‘old’ and ‘traditional’ but it is not at all glittery enough to make the new-age gems shine out loud! … Read More