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AEDU has an internal messaging feature that enables you to send private messages to other important authorities in the institutions and parents. You can contact the teachers as well as inform the parents of important notifications or announcements. Communication between parents and teachers is also made easier with AEDU.

Yes. Teachers can track the vehicles and routes of the students of their class and parents can also access vehicle details of their children.

AEDU has a separate download center where teachers can directly upload homework, assignments, syllabus and other study material for the students’ access. Teachers can choose the classes and upload assignments and homework so that students can access their own study material.

Admin can prepare a subject list and add all the details such as subject name, code, and mode of learning – theoretical or practical, and assign to the teachers. AEDU makes subject management very easy for the teachers and school authorities.

Admin staff who have the access can update all the class timetables according to the subjects assigned.

Yes, teachers can update marks in AEDU according to both marks and grades.

There is no limit of student records as school owners can add unlimited number of students and manage their records online.

You can enter exam lists and schedules on the software making it easier for the parents and teachers to access the same.

Yes, you can manage students’ attendance with AEDU. You can also view all the attendance by date and generate attendance reports.

AEDU makes it very easy for school owners to manage students and their detailed information. You can enter all the personal details of the students in the student admission section and add newly admitted students. You can also add different categories and enter students to the specific categories in the students admission section.

Yes. We can customize the features and functionality to match your exact school requirements and learning needs. You may send us an email on hello@aedu.co.in to discuss your requirements and we shall be glad to assist you.

AEDU is a powerful comprehensive school management system that offers awesome features such as:
Easy communication between parents, teachers, and students
Fees management
Transport management
Academic management

Yes, all the expenses can be added on the AEDU software and managed by school owners and administrators. fees management is much easier


Yes, you can add other types of income in the system. You can also analyze the entire income of the school with AEDU.

Yes, you can view the fees statement as well as print the receipt for the students. The statement also shows if the fee of a particular student is paid or not. You can get the statement in three formats, namely CSV, excel and PDF. The fees management is much easier with AEDU.

Yes, you can add different discounts provided by your school to the system and it will automatically notify you when a student is eligible for the same.

Yes, you can add different types of fees like admission fees, examination fees, tuition fees, transport fees etc. and apply it to different fees groups.

Yes, the parents’ app enables you to access various features like attendance, homework, projects, etc. of your child. It also notifies you for upcoming events and sends reminders of fees due.

Yes, the app supports transport tracking through the GPS system. It can show you the live status of your child’s transport and also lets you know the estimated time of arrival.

Yes, the app has an internal messaging feature where you can communicate with the teachers and the management for any questions or grievances.

No. You can manage the school activities of all your children through the same account.

The AEDU parent app allows you to keep track of your child’s attendance. They can interact with the teachers and other school authorities through the app. They can also track the progress of their children.

This software supports five different panel logins making it useful for different posts and people in the management. AEDU can be used by Admin, Teacher, Parent, Librarian and Accountant in the management.

Right now, the mobile app only supports parent panel login making it accessible only for parents.

AEDU has a responsive user interface that allows the users to access it on a multitude of devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

AEDU school management software is best suitable for schools, educational institutes and universities of all the shapes and sizes.

AEDU will help children have access to their homework and assignments online. It will benefit them in many ways as the teachers will be more focused on their academics than the clerical work.

With AEDU, teachers will be able to maintain attendance, exam schedules, homework, and assignments all in one place. There are the main features in the software that will make teachers’ jobs very easy. This will release the pressure of maintaining the paperwork and lead them to enhanced productivity.

This software will digitize your management system and bring you closer to a paperless management. It will increase productivity as it will take away the stress of keeping records. The software will manage many activities saving manual energy of your staff. This will let your teachers to focus on creating better education modules for the students.

Yes, this software supports three types of mobile app (iOS/Android app):
1. Parent app
2. Teacher app
3. Driver app

AEDU As a school owner, trustee or a principal, you can use this school management system to make your life much easier by letting you access the activities of all your staff at the same place. You can provide separate logins to your teachers, librarians, accountants, administrative staff or students. Everyone can manage the system from anywhere, at anytime.

Addweb Education Management System focuses on digitizing your school management and giving you accurate and efficient ways to manage your administration.

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