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Ultimate School ERP Software for all kind of Institutes. AEDU ERP system has every feature you will ever need to run your institution efficiently.

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School Administration Software

Easy-to-use software to help you save time in managing school administrative activities while providing a unified experience to collaborate and communicate better…

School administration software
AEDU Online Software for Teacher

Teacher Module

Upload and manage course materials, define tasks, assignments, track attendance, collaborating with students, and a lot more teaching faculties can do with AEDU’s Teacher Module…

Library Management Software

Organize and manage all your physical and digital assets, study materials, exam papers, and everything possible with pleasure to use and without any training overheads...

Library management software
School Accounting Software

School Accounting Software

Address budgetary needs of your school such as fees, payments, expenses, or even payroll with a thoughtfully designed school accounting software from AEDU…

School Receptionist Module

Whether you want to track visitors coming to the school, resolving queries, manage calls, maintain security procedures defined by the school, or manage documentation; the School receptionist module from AEDU is all you need…

Receptionist Software
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