Student, Parent & Teacher Relationships – The Key of Success for Any Schools

parent & teacher Relationships

According to several studies and data, if you are connected with your children, they will be more successful in school and life.

The Michigan Department of Education references a lot of studies on the importance of parental engagement in education. Decades of studies demonstrate that it improves grades, test scores, and graduation rates. Studies cited elsewhere show that parental involvement in schooling is twice as indicative of a student’s achievement in school as the socioeconomic position is.

The education of a kid is the joint responsibility of parents and teachers. Afterall, both are concerned with ensuring that every kid has the opportunity to develop academically, socially, and emotionally. 

As a result of the widespread use of smartphones and mobile applications, schools and parent communication have come to a crossroads in recent years. With an increasing number of kids living at home and the popularity of online courses, it is now more necessary than ever for instructors and parents to communicate effectively. Parent-teacher communication applications have emerged as a viable solution to this slew of issues, enabling instructors/teachers to interact with parents more effectively and seamlessly. 

What is a Teacher Parent Communication App?

As the name implies, a teacher-parent communication app is a piece of software that facilitates communication between teachers and parents. It is a piece of software designed to improve school communication and engagement.

Most schools seeking to increase parent involvement depend on this software because it enables schools to communicate with parents more quickly than conventional methods such as emails and SMSs. Additionally, it has features and functions that surpass these established channels.

Parents who are constantly informed about their children’s progress and achievement feel more empowered and in charge of their children’s learning and achievement. They are also more likely to be involved and have a positive attitude toward the school and the teaching staff. The ability for instructors to keep up with students’ home conditions on a week-by-week and, in some cases, a daily basis helps them have a better understanding of kids’ needs and requirements, allowing them to address those needs and requirements better.

The Advantages of Using a Teacher-Parent Communication App

When it comes to teacher-parent contact, it is well established that regular involvement, communication, and sharing of opinions and ideas may influence the student’s academic performance. As a result, specialized teacher-parent communication applications outperform regular ones in this regard.

As a result, having a teacher-parent communication app may dramatically increase teacher-parent relations and contribute to a more favorable school climate for pupils. Here are seven advantages of incorporating a teacher-parent communication app into your school or educational institution.

parent teacher communication app
  • Enhanced teacher-parent relationships

As the teacher-parent communication app increases engagement, it becomes easier for instructors and parents to connect and converse. When immediate connections become a reality, teachers and parents will quickly discuss concerns and identify answers to obstacles that the children confront in the classroom. Furthermore, the regular interactions foster rapport, which encourages teachers and parents to collaborate and bring essential concerns to the attention of the school administration.

  • Boost parental involvement

Because the teacher-parent communication app includes instant chat, parents may readily share their school issues with teachers or school employees. When parents share their new ideas and tactics with teachers and see that their thoughts and opinions are considered, they are motivated to participate more in school activities.

  • Engage parents in all aspects of school life.

To increase parent participation, most current classroom applications include features such as instant messaging. When parents can approach instructors and speak freely with them, it builds rapport, brings them closer to the classroom, and fosters meaningful parent-teacher interactions. All of this contributes to parents’ perceptions of themselves as an inescapable component of the school ecology.

  • Allows parents to develop a greater sense of empathy towards educators

When instructors communicate with parents about their children’s academic and school activities, parents believe the teachers are working hard to make the classroom a better experience for their children; this helps them exhibit greater sympathy for teachers who work hard to improve the school.

  • Much more engaging school activities

When the collaboration between instructors and parents improves, in-class activities and children’s academic performance are reflected. It also includes more structured educational activities and programs. Aside from that, the regular parent-teacher meetings go on schedule since both instructors and parents are on the same page.

  • Effortless authorization from school administration: 

The school administration governs the teacher’s app. As a result, each official request, statement, or circular made by instructors must first be approved by the school administration. The communications are then sent to the targeted parents once analyzed and approved by the school officials. As a result of the school monitoring every contact, teachers and parents can specify that all communication activities and involvement are up to date, secure, and free of damage.

  • Establish a bond between teachers and parents: 

Teachers may engage with each student and give advice both at school and at home. It aids in the development of excellent teacher-student interactions and rapport, which will go a long way toward developing meaningful teacher-student partnerships.

How AEDU Parent-Teacher Communication App Helps 

Several school parent applications on the market may be used to create an exciting and dynamic communication experience. However, while selecting a school parent app, it is critical to choose a platform that suits your present and future needs and your school communication objectives. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a school parent app that allows you to enjoy all of the functions above in a safe and secure environment, the AEDU School-Parent App is one such program you might consider checking out.

The comprehensive and feature-rich school parent app from AEDU is intended to improve the effectiveness and productivity of school communication. It is an easy-to-use and engaging communication tool that allows schools and parents to communicate safely and securely.

With AEDU, a school may simplify and manage the complete school communication process, monitor staff and teacher activities, verify the status and reports of messages sent to parents and students and instantaneously examine the complete communication activities.

What distinguishes AEDU as the finest Teacher Parent Communication App?

AEDU School Parent Communication App is a better use of technology that stands out from the crowd due to its unique features:

Teacher Parent Communication App AEDU

Homework: The instructor updates the lesson given to the pupils through their teacher’s app. The parent’s app may view this updated assignment.

Circular: The information about upcoming tests and projects is updated here with dates and days. It makes it easier for parents to learn about the exam and assist their kids in preparing for it.

Attendance: The parent may see the student’s attendance. It allows parents to keep track of their child’s attendance and determine whether or not they are missing lessons.

Transportation: Any parent’s first worry is the safety of their child. This transportation feature will display the bus’s whole route. It will enable the parent to know where the bus has arrived and when it will arrive at the school.

Messages: The messaging function lets parents see the most recent messages about their child’s irregularity, indiscipline, complaint, penalties, or gratitude. It helps the instructor and parent communicate more effectively.

Holiday: The parent may see the details relevant to the impending holiday provided by the administrator or instructor.

Leaves: Parents may change their student’s leave via the app, and the class instructor will be alerted.

Library: Parents may see how many books the student has published and the titles of the books issued. Might provide alerts for the submission of issued books.

Marksheet: When the instructor updates the class test or exam results. These revised grades may be seen by parents using the Parent app, which aids in administering their child’s report.

Exam schedule: Parents may see the amended schedule from the Administration’s end. They may plan their children’s educational programs appropriately.

Event: The admin updates the event calendar with all of the events for the academic year, and both teachers and parents may see it.

Fees: The amount of the outstanding fees may be viewed by the parents in this column. They may pay the fees at the bank using a challan. The admin will record the paid fees receipt after they get the challan slip from the kid.

Download center: All homework may be downloaded and accessed from the teacher’s end in this panel. It makes it simple for pupils to locate their assignments and complete them on time with the help of their parents.

Sibling management: Parents with many children may manage them all from a single app. They need to enter their id password to access their data to drive their school activities using a single app.


The AEDU School Parent Communication App is an interactive and engaging tool that contributes to significantly improved learning opportunities and results. Furthermore, the AEDU communication app has privacy and secure communication capabilities that allow the school to build a private communication environment for sharing ideas, exchanging feedback, and promoting teaching and learning.

With AEDU, your school can monitor and manage all communication and engagement activities, develop new programs to strengthen parent-teacher connections and provide a safe and encouraging school environment for children.

AEDU can help you transform your school communication!

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