online learning

Online Learning

Online Learning: The Future of Smart Education

Nowadays, we are all familiar with the term “new normal.” Now, what does this new normal mean? Of course, it means the obvious safety precautions that we need to follow. But in addition to this, work-from-home and online learning are also the “new normal.” … Read More

Education Industry

EdTech Trends That Will Transform Education Industry in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has not just changed the way students are educated, but it has ultimately revolutionized the education industry. Thousands of schools and educational institutes have adopted the new learning normal where students and teachers collaborate virtually in the … Read More

student database management system

How can students database management system benefit?

The problem statement, Top benefits to choose student database management system Mindful planning and time management are required to manage an educational system. These days schools have evolved into a complex structure with multiple campuses, diversified departments, and a large … Read More