AEDU – Free School Management Systems for the upcoming school year for the school & institutes.

Education is a key to success and freedom from all the forces. Providing open-source technology for a good cause and giving limitless positive impacts. AddWeb Education Management System (AEDU) by AddWeb Solution brings open source web applications to revamp the global education market. AddWeb Solution is the top IT company and aims to create influence with its product AEDU. AEDU is an absolutely free open source management system for schools and colleges. The addition of certain plugins and installation can transform it into full-fledged ERP. AEDU is a software tailored precisely for digitizing the management of an educational institute. This software is very simple and easy to use. It is user friendly and makes management easier. With innovative startups, plugins can be created for AEDU which could further lead to creation for the customer base.    

  • About AEDU 

AEDU is a multipurpose management software for schools and colleges. It is being used by several educational institutions for activities related to administration and management. AEDU complements all of the educational institutes like schools, colleges, and universities. It can easily manage the activities and processes of students, teachers, courses, staff, admin and also allows them to run the institute efficiently. The management software is required by all of the educational institutes to make the task easier, efficient, and effective. AEDU is not just a management system, its features meet all the basic needs of education institutes. 

AEDU is a simple, powerful & free School Management System trusted by 10000+ students and teachers. It is being opted in 20+ states of India by 400+ schools and colleges. AEDU is a free AWS Cloud Hosting management system with no maintenance cost. It provides educational institutes with 20+ modules, with custom solutions based on precise requirements. It is also being trusted as simple and easy to use for teachers, parents, and students. AEDU is an ERP solution for free unlimited student licenses.    

  • Challenges faced by AEDU 

Many of the challenges were faced; most of them accommodate the customized requirements. All the colleges, universities and schools function in a different way, hence demand changes in the software. This project of AddWeb Solution was made with a motive to serve in the educational institutions and hence almost all of the services were free. AEDU is plugin friendly and fulfils all the requirements of different customers with minor and major customizations. 

  • Plans on expansion

Great responses are received from all the partner schools and colleges. There are certain suggestions regarding the development of the app and services which AEDU is looking forward to developing. Certain features are also going to be updated. AEDU is looking forward to launching payment gateway integration for feeds collection and Multi-Language option. 

  • AEDU Applications 

AEDU applications allow easy management of students’ activities.

AEDU Parent app helps to easily align and manage your kid’s school activities. The set of implemented unique features helps to have effortless communication and helps to have transparency between teachers, parents, and school. It helps in the effortless management of class activities and other school curricula.

AEDU Teacher app is an essential digitized tool for effective and efficient teaching activities. This app will help the teacher to organize their workflow and streamline the data they need to deal with daily. It also provides a simple way for attendance, homework allotment, exam, calendar, etc., which will help to save precious time of teaching. 

AEDU Driver app is a smart and safe solution for tracking the school bus. The app uses GPS. This app could serve as the best way to bridge the gap between parents and teachers. Both of them can check the availability of the school bus.  

Founder says that this product was started for free by social services with the aim to give something great for education. We offer world-class software and utilize cutting edge technology and follow ISO Standard to develop AEDU ERP solution. AEDU can help you best with the management of the student. It can be addressed as the best free school management software, which can make the daily task of school easier, effective, efficient and also promotes paperless domain. 

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