Attendance Management – Know the Ways To Track Attendance during Online Learning

The recent pandemic situation has changed the way educational institutes were operating earlier. To curb the challenges posed by COVID-19, schools and colleges are getting into smart education systems or online school administrative software.

Such free school ERP software can be of great benefit to both, schools, and students, to begin their educational activities while eliminating the need for physical presence in a school. Be it administrative tasks, payments, or exams, online school administration software can bring a plethora of benefits for the educational institutes. Along with these benefits, the institutes are facing some challenges too. And attendance management is a pressing problem for all the schools and institutes to deal with.

From a student perspective, a record of absence or presence in an online class is a great indicator for the institutions to identify the student at risk. Tracking attendance and engagement could be in any form. While some platforms allow teachers to view the details about logged-in students, others use various forms to get details about the attendance.

So how to ensure that students are present on regular basis? How you can carry out attendance management while using student attendance management software? Let’s look at a few simple tips you can follow to manage attendance virtually

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  • Leverage from Student Attendance Management Software

Like the physical classroom attendance, you can use a manual approach to get the attendance details of the students. With the help of online tools, you can manually track the attendance of the students attending the online lecture.

However, the method could be erroneous since some students might drop-off from the online classes due to poor connection or due to some other reason and such incidents would be unnoticed if tracked manually. Thus, it is advisable to use student attendance management software to manage attendance accurately and without any overhead.

  • Google Form could be a savior

Google has various online collaborative tools available that allow organizations or individuals to manage their day-to-day activity. You can use Google Form to track and manage the attendance of the students. Create a Google Form, share it with the students, and ask them to provide the details. You can easily track the attendance with date and time. This is a good way to track attendance and avoid proxy up to a certain extent.

  • Video Call to the students

In case, you don’t have any online school administration software or free school ERP software, you can go for a video call with the students. This is the best way since it will enable a more engaging learning environment for the students. However, the approach might be impractical in rural areas where schools and students are facing poor internet connectivity. To overcome the challenge, it is advisable to start the class with a video call with the students and later disable video calls to avoid excessive bandwidth usage.

  • Randomly pick any student and ask question

In the absence of an attendance management tool, it is one of the best approaches to make sure the students are engaged and available during online coaching. Like the old days where teachers were asking questions during the class, it is possible for the teachers to ask questions to the random student during the online classes. This will indirectly motivate the students to be attentive and focused on the class. The student can answer the question via chat or in the form of audio.

  • Conduct a short quiz or poll after the class

In case, there is no free school ERP software is available, conducting an online quiz or poll could be the best alternative to track the attendance of the students. Once the online class is over, it is a good idea to send a short quiz or send a survey poll link to the students. There are various tools available to help you achieve it with ease. This will help you know how many students have attended the class with their basic details like Name, roll number, etc.

  • Arrange discussion in between the class

This could be a good idea to improve the engagement with the students while tracking their absence or presence in the classroom. Instead of one-way communication, it is highly recommended to let the students participate in the learning process. Of course, it is not practically possible for all the subjects, but this could be a great way to ensure students are actively participating in online coaching.

Apart from the discussed approaches, there are other ways to track and manage the attendance of the students. You can implement check-in-based attendance, performance-based attendance, or watch time-based attendance to track the attendance of the students participating in online classes. It is a good idea to have timed assignments for the students. The majority of the online school administration software provides this type of feature.

What’s your take on this? How do you plan for attendance management for online classes? Get in touch with the professionals to know about student attendance management software. Contact here.

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