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Corona virus has now become a pandemic, states, and countries all around the world are taking crucial actions to control its spread. Studies are being affected of the millions of students due to the closure of the school. This pandemic has also affected not only the education but also the education system, listed below are some trends that could be the future transformation: 

  • Education poked and pushed towards change is leading towards surprising innovations 

Home learning with live broadcasts, interactive apps, and online notes has shown a rising trend. The concepts related to virtual learning in a range of formats will serve ‘learning anytime, and anywhere’. The traditional classroom learning will see assimilation of innovative learning patterns like live classes, downloaded notes, to the virtual learning experience. Incoming future learning may become a habit for everyone.  

  • Public-private education partnership

The COVID-19 threat made many organizations coming in partnership and taking a new shape. Digital platforms are being treated as a solution to the present crisis by the publishers, governments, education professionals, and technology providers. This could further be continued as a trend in the coming future where the government will predominantly provide education. The cloud-based online learning is promoted and adopted by many schools, colleges, and educational institutes.  

  • The digital divide could widen

Some students of developing places which are still dependent on the assignments and notes send through Whatsapp or email. Often children from not so wealthy families and digitally unaware families lose out the cost of expensive devices and data plans. the cost to access modernized learning needs to be reduced or else the gap in the quality education will widen. It could turn worse if this gap becomes extreme. 

  • Home Learning to testify the significant growth

Until this outbreak of COVID-19, only a minority of children adopted home learning, but these scenarios have started to evolve schools and other educational institutes globally. Organizations have been following this trend for development and economic cooperation, and have provided positive feedback for virtual learning. Officials say that we should take it as an opportunity and rethink the way education is provided. Experts from various education sectors have suggested home learning as exponential growth. 

  • Role of the teacher has set to revolutionize 

The global online learning market has projected worth of billions of dollars, and the role of the teacher in this virtual learning environment has come under close examination and is questioned. The role would continue to be instrumental but will set to transform completely. The teachers could not opt to be subject experts but had to be facilitators. Every teacher in the educational institutions would be given training and understanding of how they can make this remote learning effective. Now teachers have a lot more room experiment, and hence there would be an evident change in the set of assessments, testifying the student’s progress. 

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