School Management Software – A smart choice for smart schools!

Managing the school management system for education a child is not a child’s play. The old school methods of managing a school’s system are quite tedious and laid back when compared to today’s fast-paced and digitized lifestyle. And maybe that’s where the role of a smart school management software like AEDU comes into the picture. A school management software digitizes every single activity and functioning of the school, be it the accounts department, classroom activities, school bus transport or even result/remarks update for that matter. The world today is functioning on fingertips, be it some personal conversations or some professional updates. In such a case, the school management system, which deals with ones who are going to build the future, can not afford to follow methods that are old school and traditional. Let us share a few points why a smart school management software is the smartest choice any school can adapt in today’s era.

Paper-free Admin Department

The department that once was hidden behind the piles of paper and record book, can now breathe in fresh air. Because all those piles of paper on the desk will be replaced by just a laptop/desktop, leaving up some free space for some desk plants or a family picture. The paperless admin department means, every transaction is recorded in the software itself, viz.

    • Fees Management
    • Promotion of the Students
    • Details of the Class Schedules
    • Library Management
    • Hostel Management
    • Transport Management
    • Admission Management
    • Inventory Management

School Management System

Technofied Teachers

Teachers have now gone technologically advanced, where all their class schedules, attendance sheets, report cards, etc are updated on the web application. It makes all the tedious administrative tasks of the teacher a lot easier and they can now concentrate more on teaching. This has also taken away the burden from teachers of carrying the bunch of report cards and attendance sheets. Just a tablet and it’s all sorted for them. Technology has simplified a teacher’s job by eliminating/reducing all their secondary tasks apart from teaching. Let us share a few such tasks of teachers, which are can be digitized.

    • Managing Student Details
    • Marks Management
    • Attendance Sheets
    • Documenting Homework & it’s details
    • Exam Schedules & Results
    • Class & Exam Timetable
    • Bus Routes
    • Communicating with Parents

And many more! Sometimes the secondary tasks eat-up more time and energy than the primary ones. Digitizing the entire school management system helps in balancing this difference!

Parents Going Digital

Gone are the days when the parent-teacher meeting was conducted to inform the parents about the pupil’s progress and other activities. No, it doesn’t mean the schools have stopped communicating these details with the pupil’s parents. Rather, this is now done digitally. Yes, the parents are notified of their kids’ progress and activities on their smartphone, which includes real-time updates like school bus arrival/departing time, homework, payment status, et al. Parents can nowadays get every such notification on their smartphones with just an application. Let us share all the information that they get via such mobile apps.

    • Online Payment
    • Class Schedules
    • Child’s Progress Graph
    • Sibling Management
    • Bus Tracking & Notifications
    • Homework Updates

And many more! Parents can now rest assured with such applications, which keep them updated about their kid’s activities in school. And that too on the go!

Library Management Simplified

Contrary to all those piled up books in any school’s administration that bore the employees to death, the piles of books in the library are the most loved ones. But again, the management of the same is sheer boredom. Hence, comes the school management software to rescue. The management of the library had to be simplified, just like the other aspects of any school management system, and the software for school did it. Managing the library has never been so much fun before the emergence of a school management software. Let us share a little about what it does to eliminate the burdensome tasks while managing the library.

    • Update the Status of the Books
    • Addition of New Books
    • Maintaining the Members of Library

And many more! Librarians got one more reason to love their job and students get more reason to come closer to the wealth of books! Change is inevitable and changes like this are much more significant. Thanks to the technology that now with the introduction and adoption of the school management software, the transformation in the school management system has already initiated. Let’s pledge to take it forward so that the time and energy can be shifted from tedious and less important tasks to the larger job of educating the children.

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