School Management Software Features that Tops a Parent’s Wishlist!

School Management System Features

A parent’s wishlist is a peculiar one, the one that may haunt the kids initially but may also alter or even erase as they see them acting responsibly. But this initial wishlist is hard to meet since they go by the rule of non-compromise. And why not, a concerned parent is ought to be non-compromising type when it comes to the safety and security of their kids. This is exactly why a school management software needs to be comprising of all the features that a parent might expect it to have. And every school management software has to be parent’s centric in that manner.

AEDU is also one such revolutionary school management system, adopted by over 200 schools in the span of just a year. And during this one year of our interaction and association with all these schools and their students’ parents, we have realized how much a school management school has to be parents-centric. We were introduced to the ground-level expectations of the parent, around which we created our very own ‘Parent App’ of AEDU. And we believe, it’s about time, that we share our this knowledge with all of you. So, let us unfold what a parent expects out of a school management system.


Track Bus Route: First things first, the top-most thing that the parents are concerned about their kids is their whereabouts. It’s a big relief for a parent when they can track their kid’s bus route, right from the moment they are picked up from the home till they’re dropped back.

Attendance & Leaves: Be it a kid from primary grades or secondary, a parent always feels the need to be updated about their attendance and leave details. This will also debar the students from bunking the school or faking the leaves.

Class Timetable: A parent who is well-informed about their kid’s class timetable will also help them guiding their kids to prioritize their homework and study, subject-wise.

Homework Update: When the parents are updated about the homework of their kids, right on their mobile, the chances of the kids completing it increases. Well, at least the ratio of the kids doing homework surely increases.

Exam Schedule & Results: A parent, when aware of their kids’ exam schedule definitely helps the kid for better preparation. Also, getting the results and marksheet on a click’s notice does encourage the parent to opt for the school management software.

Progress Graph: A parent is in the end always concerned by their kid’s progress. And when they get a well-analyzed progress graph of their kid, along with the option of comparing their progress, does motivate a parent to go for the school management software.

Library Update: The parent will also be glad about being updated about what book their kid has lent and by when it is supposed to be returned. This will also give the parent a chance to know where does their kids’ interest lie.

Upcoming Events: An update about the upcoming events happening in the school/class of the kid gives the parent an opportunity to be prepared well in advance.

Push Notifications: The parents getting notifications about their kids’ whereabouts, timetable, attendance, applied & available leave, et al keeps them updated with everything, even if they might not have opened the app in some time.

Internal Messaging: The possibility of direct communication over messages with the teachers and authorities of school is almost like a boon to a parent. Going personally to school for every query is quite a task to do, where internal messaging takes away this burden.

Sibling Management: It’s tiresome to keep different apps and IDs to avail all the above-mentioned features of a school management software if the parent’s kids are studying in different schools. Sibling management is one such feature that allows the parents to get it all their kids’ detail under one roof, even if their schools are different.

Fees Payment: Last but definitely not the least, the ability to make the online payment of their kid’s school fees gives the parent a big sigh of relief. In this day and age of fast-paced lives, physically going to the school just for the sake of making the payment of the fees is indeed a tiring task to do.\

Present a parent with the above-mentioned features in a school management software and the school’s half-job of building a rapport with them is done. It just doesn’t lessen the burden of a parent but also does the same for the school. And hence, both can invest the spared time in focusing more on the education of the kid. And that’s exactly, what AEDU has pledged to do with our ‘Parents App’ and the school management software!


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