Tug-Off War Between the Traditional & Digital School Management System

School Management System

Old is Gold.” but not all that glitters is gold. And the traditional school management system is certainly one of them. Because it may glitter with the tags like ‘old’ and ‘traditional’ but it is not at all glittery enough to make the new-age gems shine out loud! No, we aren’t being selfishly pessimistic towards the traditional way of schools being operated, but we genuinely believe so. In fact, that is the fundamental reason why we came up with AEDU.

We genuinely felt that along with the educational structure and curriculum that needs to be updated, the very system of the schools being operated also needs to be modernised to bring it in alignment with today’s digitally advanced era. We came across with a list of reasons why the school management system needs to be digitized and how it’s competent enough to better the quality of education as compared to the traditional school management system.

The functioning of a school management system mainly revolves 3 prime aspects – Infrastructure, Administration and Education. So let’s start the tug-off war between the traditional and digital method of the school management system, on the basis of those three prime aspects and see who comes out as a winner!

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Round 1 – Infrastructure

Space and its surrounding matters a lot when it comes to learning. Not that the traditional infrastructure was bad, but the current one of the digitally advanced schools are more creative and student-friendly. The scope of learning widens when the students are provided with classes, play-area, library, laboratory, bus service and every other infrastructural element that are in sync with the modern-day outer world.

And hence, the infrastructure of a digital school is closer to the reality of today’s world, which helps the student in being in constant touch with the reality.

Round 2 – Administration

The heavy bags were the huge concern for both the parents as well as the modern educationalists. And with the introduction of digitally advanced schools and the school management software, this concern got instantly vanished. Since, these digitally advanced school started provided maximum learning material in soft-copies – shunning away the load of piles of books that kids had to carry on their shoulders. Similarly, every form of communication between the teachers/school administration and the parents has gone digital and hence more easy & quick. In fact, the time and money that went behind in the manual way of administrative work have been saved with the penetration of technology in educational institutes.

And hence, the digitally advanced school systems turn out to be beneficial for all of them – the parents, students as well as the school/educational institute itself.

Round 3 – Education

Learning should be at the center stage from all the other activities that happen in a school/educational institute. Unfortunately, the traditional system used to eat-up more time and energy in other manual administrative work that could have been utilised in teaching. But luckily, the launch of digitally advanced schools, the teacher too can now divert all of their time, energy and focus on teaching the students from other side-administrative work. With the introduction of these digitally advanced schools and school management software, everything – from the way teaching happened to take exams and announcing the results, has gone digital.

And hence, even the vital-most aspect of a school management system – Education, the digital mode of approach has proved to be more rewarding.


The digital approach of a school management system has been an out and out winner; clearly, because it is more realistic and in synchronisation with the present-day-outside-world of technology. So that when the kids come out in the world to work, they’re in equal terms with the functioning of the world. And that’s what education is all about, learning about the world and be in touch with the current world.

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