EdTech Trends That Will Transform Education Industry in 2021

Education Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has not just changed the way students are educated, but it has ultimately revolutionized the education industry. Thousands of schools and educational institutes have adopted the new learning normal where students and teachers collaborate virtually in the form of “remote classes”.

The education industry, which was once lagging in technology evolution, is now lifted with various new technologies and innovations. It predicted that by 2025, digital spending on education would hit USD 350 billion. Cloud-based technologies, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and more are some of the biggest technology trends.

Such technological advancement has accelerated digital education and encouraged educational institutions to leverage smart school ERP apps or school management apps to simplify their day-to-day activities.

But what’s next???

As per the KPMG and Google report, the education technology market predicted to serve 9.6 million users and occupy the market share of USD 1.96 billion by the end of 2021. It shows that the education industry will continue to take substantial technological leaps in the future. Let’s look at the leading edtech trends that will affect the education industry the year ahead.

Virtual and augmented reality will see a great rise in the upcoming years.

Virtual and augmented reality in education industry

Today, the school management app has transformed the education industry by enabling schools to leverage online classes, assessment of students, manage examination, and a lot more with the help of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality, and augmented reality. It has not grabbed the students and teachers’ attention and enabled an engaging way of learning. We will be witnessing mature and more personalized use of virtual and augmented reality in free school apps.

Video-assisted learning.

Video based online learning

During the coronavirus crisis, video-based learning has become a significant technological advancement in the education industry. The days are gone when projectors or conventional visuals were used in the classroom. With the rise of IoT and digital devices, it has become easy for schools to go digital. This trend will see a great demand in the future, specifically for distance learning.

Digital Whiteboard is going to see a rapid movement.

2020 and the coronavirus pandemic has introduced a great challenge of hybrid learning, student engagement, and digital collaboration. To overcome the same, schools will be more inclined towards online whiteboards such as Google Jamboard where teachers can enable an engaging learning experience and collaborative environment for the students.

Gamification is going to shine more in 2021!

Gamification in education

Yet another trend that has gained a lot of attention in the education industry is gamification. Many free school management software provides a refreshing learning experience to the students with the help of gamification. Gamification makes learning more interactive and fun for the students, enhancing student engagement while providing an immersive learning experience.

Big data to rule ahead!

Today, schools and students are leveraging smart school ERP apps to use data analytics to gain critical information insights. There is plenty of free school management software available in the market offering big data analysis. Whether it is organizing school life, managing students, or formulating meaningful decisions based on historical data, big data can be an excellent way for schools to utilize data to make actionable decisions. The Center of Digital Education revealed that 69% of people believe that big data analysis in education can help educational institutes to monitor and predict student performance with ease.

Robotics is on the rise.

There are already several automated machines and applications available in the market to simplify humans’ complex tasks. And the education industry is not an exception. With the help of robots and artificial intelligence, schools can enable flexible teaching and learning systems. There are school management apps available in the market that can help students or teachers accomplish tasks with a voice command. Robots will be a new way of assisting students and teachers in performing complex activities in the future.

Alexa Skills will be a turning point!

Alexa is so far available in homes, cars, and mobile devices to help its users perform various tasks using a voice command. The chances are higher that such skills will be used for the education sector too! A couple of education technology companies are exploring the opportunities in Alexa to enhance the student experience. For example, Blockboard Alexa helps students to find out what’s going on in their courses. The students can ask Alexa about homework or assignments that are due and get valuable information about assignments on the go. This technology will evolve further and will indeed transform the education industry in the future.

The year 2020 was in the grip of a pandemic and uncertainty for the education industry. We will witness continuous growth and demand for innovation in the education sector as we move ahead from 2020 to 2021.

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