Future Trends Devising New Ways of Learning for K-12 Education

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According to UNESCO, approximately one and half billion students across the globe were leveraging online learning during the COVID-19 health crisis in March 2020. While some students managed to continue learning with the help of the internet, the rest are still struggling to access educational resources due to a lack of financial funds.

To overcome the challenges posed by the coronavirus outbreak, the education sector is exploring various options including school administration software or an online school management system. Online learning, which was designated for higher education, is now becoming one of the most basic sources of learning for K-12 students nationwide.

Today, students are getting used to learning using online videos, virtual classrooms, and online assessments. The ever-expanding use of online video in education has made it easy for the educational institutes to reach out to as many students as they want while managing their day-to-day operations using school administration software.

What are the reasons online video teaching is gaining so much attention these days?

  1. Visuals can make it easy for the students to understand key concepts.
  2. Videos boost digital literacy.
  3. Helps schools expand remote teaching opportunities.
  4. Enable teaching faculties to use videos in a different way.
  5. Boost the cognitive process of thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, and decision making among the students.
  6. Transform teaching faculties into facilitators.

Apart from this, it is found that approximately 78% of students are using online video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and more for study. It is observed that using how-to videos for learning is growing rapidly among the students these days to resolve their doubts quickly. Moreover, students across the globe prefer to learn via online videos instead of conventional textbooks. This clearly indicates that online videos will transform K-12 education all over the world.

Let’s look at the future trends of online video teaching in 2020:

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Moving towards a more personalized learning experience via online videos

Since schools and faculties are offering one-to-one sessions via various online school management software, the lessons will be developed in such a way to address the needs of the students. The students will get the opportunity to express the topic of their interest and ask teachers to provide online videos related to the same. This way it will boost the concept of personalized learning in the future.

Recorded lectures will be in demand

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional classroom education is that the students may not get a chance to revisit the concepts. In case of any doubt, they had to approach the faculty in person to get it clear. But with the help of online school management software, it is possible that students record the lectures and revise the topics as and when they feel needed. In the future, it is possible that the schools may generate a database of recorded lectures and let the students access it anywhere anytime.

Gamification is the next big thing

Of course, video teaching is booming these days, its charm may fade away in the future. It is not possible for the students to sit all day and simply watch videos. And that’s where gamification will start taking over. Introducing a game-based approach in the online videos will engage students in the learning activities instead of being a passive listener during the lecture. Many schools have already started using games like Kahoot and other activities but incorporating such an approach in the online videos would require a little more time and effort.

On-demand training will rule in the future

The flexibility of online video teaching enables students to participate in any lectures or topics at a convenient time. This empowers students to watch pre-recorded lectures anytime and anywhere without being trapped in a specific learning schedule. This is going to be a huge shift in the education sector since it will boost the concept of any time and anywhere learning for the students.

Artificial Intelligence will change the face of online learning

Artificial intelligence is almost everywhere! Utilizing this technology for online education will improve the learning quotient among the students without compromising education quality. It helps students to deal with the educational resources of their interest and remove unwanted information. Moreover, collecting student preferences will provide collective feedback to the faculties and encourage them to generate more meaningful and student-centric video content.

Self-directed learning methods will see a great rise

While learning remotely from the home, it is important that students get motivated, set their learning goals, and formulate their own learning schedule. In contrast with conventional schooling, online learning encourages students to self-directed learning. In the future, the students will have the flexibility to devise their own learning methods and schedules while playing games and online videos right from their home using a self-directed learning approach.

What’s NEXT?

Schools, universities, and colleges are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to incorporate emerging technologies into online learning. While some of the educational institutes have incorporated AI-powered chatbots to help students in this pandemic situation to resolve their queries, others are experimenting with online video teaching using an online school management system. It is a time where technology and learning work together to facilitate change to provide uninterrupted learning in this healthcare pandemic situation. Looking for a school administration software or online video teaching platform to help your educational institute engage students? Get in touch with experts now!

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