How AEDU is Helping to Make Distance Learning Seamless

Today, most of the schools and educational institutes worldwide are struggling to re-establish their old learning environment; reopening efforts have resulted in a few new hot spots of COVID-19 infections. What to do and what not to do in the coronavirus crisis to ensure education is not impacted is the question that hits students and parents these days.

The risk of re-opening cannot be ignored. Therefore, many schools and educational institutes are now betting on distance learning to replace in-classroom learning. Distance learning programs introduced by various universities and schools with the help of the school management app have proven to be a great source of learning for the students who could not attend full-time or campus-based classes in this pandemic situation.

Want to know how smart school ERP apps can help educational institutes? Here are a few ways free school management software like AEDU simplifies distance learning in this pandemic situation.

Distance Learning

Constantly and regularly check in with students

In this pandemic situation, it is essential to keep students engaged and motivated to learn remotely more than anything else. Therefore, a school management app like AEDU brings various communication options that can help faculties and teachers get in touch with students on a day-to-day basis. AEDU allows teachers to arrange video calls or group meetings to set up extracurricular activities to keep students motivated.

Help students’ guardians get connected

Effective distance learning starts with excellent connectivity and uninterrupted communication. With the parent-teacher communication app’s help, AEDU can simplify the way parents, students, and teachers get connected. The parents can get details about online materials, download student reports, and even discuss with teachers about the area of improvement for their child.

Mobile-friendly and can be used offline too!

Not all the students learning from a distance have the necessary funds to purchase laptops or desktops to keep learning remotely. A free school app like AEDU helps students overcome technical challenges by providing a mobile-friendly school management app that can be used offline. This means students can learn their favorite subjects with pre-recorded videos, even when they do not have an internet connection for some time.

The right balance of offline and online lessons

With live interactions, online classes, and real-time reporting, school management apps like AEDU digitize distance learning. It helps students feel connected with their teachers and ensure each student is engaged and learning. AEDU also helps teachers upload lecture notes or videos to help students continue learning even if they are offline. This brings more flexibility and more chances for success for the students pursuing distance learning.

Manage extracurricular activities

In this pandemic situation, various games, practices, or special events might have been canceled. But a free school app ensures students find a way to remain present from a distance and keep themselves motivated with various virtual events organized by schools or colleges providing distance learning.

Easily manage payments and fees

One of the biggest challenges faced by schools today is to collect and manage fees. AEDU simplifies the entire process by allowing school staff to monitor fees collected and dues for each student. Such a free school management software also helps educational institutes to manage their overall revenue.

There are many challenges faced by the schools and educational institutes across the globe due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, opting for a smart school ERP app like AEDU can greatly simplify various distance learning challenges. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or student, AEDU brings a whole host of features for everyone to streamline distance learning. Want to know how a free school app like AEDU helps your institute? Get in touch with our experts to learn more….

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