How Can You Leverage School Management System to Automate Exams in Your school?

School erp to automate exam management in school

At present, educational institutes all over the world are working on various approaches while keeping an eye on government rules and regulations about the opening of the educational institutes. Right from working on a hybrid class model and adopting a school management system to thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the campus, educational institutes are taking all the possible precautionary measures to ensure uninterrupted education to the students.

Using the education ERP system, the schools can greatly simplify all their operational and educational overheads. Whether it is about managing students’ registration, attendance, online teaching, or managing backend activities, the school ERP system has become a backbone for the educational institutes to keep running their educational and teaching activities remotely. But what about the exams?

How can schools manage exams using the education ERP system? Let’s figure it out

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  • Hassle-free examination process

Organizing and managing the exams, specifically in the lockdown, takes a lot of stress and hard work for the educational institutes. It requires the involvement of the faculties to set the papers, backend office staff to get it printed, and managing the records physically. With school examination management software, the entire process becomes hassle-free and reduces the paperwork. It becomes very easy for the faculties to design the question papers and upload them to make them available for the students. This greatly saves time and reduces the number of fraud incidents.

  • Accurate and improved exam evaluation 

Formulating accurate and precise evaluation of the exam is a big headache for the faculties. While organizing other pre-requisites of the exam, school staff often get tired and carry out some of the activities in a disorganized manner. This may result in an inaccurate evaluation process. With an education ERP system in place, the entire process is automated. Based on the questions and answers uploaded in the system, each student is evaluated, and the results are accurate.

  • Streamline report generation 

Since the entire examination process is automated, it helps school staff to speed up the report generation process. There are various school ERP systems available in the market that offer a variety of reports, such as exam-wise reports, consolidated reports, subject-wise reports, and more. This would help faculties to analyze the performance of the individual student in a more efficient way.

  • Keeps parents notified about their child’s progress 

It is a tedious task for the school administration staff to float the results or inform parents about their child’s progress. However, with the help of school management systems, it is possible to notify parents about various events via email or SMS. The parents can instantly get reports, event details, and much more useful information about their child’s progress at a regular interval.

  • Powerful performance management

The ultimate goal of any school is to educate students and bring the best out of them. With the help of school examination management software, it becomes very easy for the schools to analyze and assess the performance of the students. The faculties can easily get insights about the weak subjects for a particular student from various reports and provide necessary guidance to improve the performance of the students.

  • Highly secured and centralized database

One of the biggest problems for schools is to manage the exam records of the students intact. Since most of the schools are managing the records in a physical form, sometimes it might be misplaced, torn, or may be unavailable as and when needed. With the help of the education ERP system, it becomes easy to store all the exam related information centrally and retrieve it on the go as and when needed.

Most of the educational institutes have started online coaching due to lockdown and operating with the bare minimum staff at present. In such a scenario, scheduling and managing exams is a difficult job to carry out successfully and errorlessly. Adopting a school ERP system could be a great way to mitigate the overhead of managing exams and other educational activities remotely.

Looking for a school management system to automate your examination process? Or looking for a school examination management software for your school? Get in touch with us to know how we can help you manage your exam overhead.

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