Key Indicators that shows you are in dire need of an online school management software

Even before the pandemic, managing an entire school operation was quite hectic and chaotic due to a lack of automation and digitization. Most of the schools are still using legacy systems and following outdated practices.

But the recent lockdowns and remote education have fueled the need for more innovative and robust online school management applications. Starting from accounts, administration, admission to student’s performance, examination, and attendance, there are plenty of things that need to be handled with utmost accuracy.

With uncertainty about school’s everyday operations during the coronavirus and limited staff availability, using smart school ERP apps or school management systems has significantly risen in recent days. But still, the majority of the schools are unsure whether they need any school management app or not. Are you one of those school management teams who are unsure whether it is the right time to adopt free school management software like AEDU? Here’re a few signs that will tell you if you need any free school app or school management system.

Online school management software

You’re facing challenges fulfilling your record-keeping requirements remotely

Achieving excellent results and smoother management of various details of school requires a lot of paperwork and record-keeping. Right from student admissions to attendance, school fees, to academic reports, you will always require carrying out a lot of paperwork to make sure everything is in place. But managing all such manual paperwork would be a daunting task, specifically when you are operating remotely and with limited staffing. That’s where the school management app could be handy. It will help you simplify maintaining documentation and record-keeping processes digitally and eliminate paperwork.

Worried about managing students’ attendance in the virtual classroom

One of the major problems faced by schools these days is tracking students attending lectures remotely. It is a big headache for the tutors to maintain the headcount of the students. A classroom management system could be a great way to get rid of such problems by providing detailed insights about students’ activities.

You’re bombarded with frequent calls from the parents

One of the biggest problems the educational industry faces in recent months is frequent inquiries and calls from the parents about their child’s well-being and progress. It becomes a daunting task for the teachers or school management to answer all their queries on the call. In such a scenario, a parent-teacher communication app could be a great alternative to reducing parents’ calls. Moreover, the school management app would have all the information in one place, which means you can quickly handle all queries from parents and provide them the exact information they need.

Unable to cope up with staff management problems

One of the schools’ ultimate goals is to provide students with the necessary support to learn effectively and hassle-free. To do so, faculties are always on their toes to provide necessary guidance and support to students clearing their doubts. However, most of the time, teachers are loaded with other activities like attendance management, examinations, and more. This leaves minimal scope for the teachers to help students in the classroom. With online class management tools, it becomes easy to automate academic tasks so that teachers and students can utilize their time improving education.

Transportation is a big problem to track and manage

Most of the time, schools are facing difficulties tracking the school vehicles used to carry students. It becomes even worse to track whether students are getting on & off the bus at the right time or not. It requires software that can help them track and streamline trips. Smart school ERP software can be a great way to enhance bus and student tracking while streamlining the overall field trips.

What’s next?

If you feel that the symptoms discussed above pertain to your school, too, you need free management software like AEDU. Starting from student management, parent-teacher communication, and administration to transportation, you can get rid of all your worries with the help of the right kind of smart school ERP app. Moreover, free school apps like AEDU often bring a wide range of integration features that can simplify virtual classroom setup for you. Want to know how you can get rid of your school administration problems using the school management software? Try AEDU or get in touch with our experts to know how we can customize it for you.

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