Manage All School Tasks at Your Fingertips Through AEDU Mobile App

Manage all school task with AEDU APP

The technology has integrated into the learning environment like never before. Today, where schools and educational institutes are forced to observe shutdown to prevent the coronavirus spread, many schools have adopted a virtual or e-learning model to educate the students online using tablets or mobile apps.

There is no denying that children love to use free school apps. In recent research, it found that time spent on educational apps is increasing rapidly. Such school management apps create more interactive and dynamic experiences for the students and help educational institutes develop an accessible teaching environment.

Whether you are a public school, e-learning platform, or any other educational institute, there can be several ways smart school ERP apps can benefit you. In this piece of information, we will cover a few of the specific ways school management apps can help students, parents, teachers, and educational institutes.

AEDU Features & Benifits

Hassle-free access to the student data

One of the most significant benefits of using the smart school ERP app is getting it in the blink of your eye whenever you need to get any information. Whether you want to get information about a student’s performance, attendance, exams, or fees, you can get everything on the go. There are several school management apps like AEDU mobile app that provide role-based access to help schools restrict specific modules or contents from the user.

Live video lessons

The school app for teachers empowers them to record lessons and share them in real-time with students to refer anytime, anywhere. It makes sure that none of the students is left behind since it is possible to revisit the lectures without any doubt. Such a school management app can be a game-changer for the students who cannot attend school or fall sick.

Provide additional learning resources

One of the biggest headaches for the teachers and faculties is that they cannot provide any additional learning resources to the students in a conventional classroom environment. It is not possible to share useful articles or online resources in a lecture duration. But a free school app like AEDU mobile app makes it possible for the faculties to upload and manage additional learning resources for the students. The teachers can organize such other resources based on different parameters like class, semester, etc. It makes it easier for the student to sharpen their weaker sections by referring to additional resources on the go.

Eliminate communication silos

Since parents are getting busier these days, it is crucial to have a medium to relate to schools and teachers. In this pandemic situation, the parents and teachers can’t connect and discuss their child or student’s progress. To ensure parents and teachers are on the same page, smart school ERP apps like AEDU have an in-built messenger or other communication tools.

Submissions, tracking, marking, and a lot more

While educating students, teachers must perform various unrelated tasks such as marking attendance, tracking student’s homework, fees, and a lot of other tasks. Free school app is the answer to overcome all such challenges. It helps students submit their assignments, mark their attendance, evaluate their submissions, and clarify their doubts right from their mobile screen. The school management software can significantly simplify the overall learning and scoring methods for the schools.

How else the smart school ERP app can be utilized by the schools?

A couple of school management apps are available in the market that helps schools circulate essential information, news, or updates right from the app itself. It is also possible for the schools to generate customized reports and share feedback with the parents. Moreover, the schools can even track buses or transport to ensure the safety of the students. In case you wish to get monetary benefit from the free school app, you can use various subscription tools available in the smart school ERP app. Do these benefits trigger you to have a mobile for your school?

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