Online Assessment Tools – How It Helps You Keep Track of Student’s Progress?

Assessment plays a vital role in encouraging students to learn, provide their progress feedback, and measuring the level of achievement. Whether it is a pre-assessment, formative assessment, or summative assessment, it is not required to check the students’ knowledge. Still, it is pivotal in the learning process and a guiding parameter for the students.

When students undertake any assessment, they learn instead of simply repeating what has been taught throughout the year. It helps students discover what they learned and what they need to be aware of.

But due to the current pandemic situation, schools faced a hard time evaluating student’s performance. While some schools have announced mass promotion, most schools adopted online class management tools to perform an online assessment of students. Online assessment has revolutionized the whole education system. It is not just less stressful for schools, but it saves a lot of time. Moreover, the school management app simplifies the entire assessment process.

But not all smart school ERP apps provide the necessary options when it comes to online assessment. When it comes to online assessment, the online class management tool should not be limited to scheduling exams. Still, it should offer out-of-the-box security and scalability to educational institutes.

What all features an ideal classroom management system should offer to schools conduct an online assessment of students? Let us figure it out!

Online Assessment Tools Features

Robust proctoring – Proctoring is an essential feature of any free school app when conducting exams remotely to ensure the authenticity and credibility of any test. Such features help schools closely monitor student activities using cameras, mic, and access to the student’s screen during exams.

Define and conduct a variety of assessment patterns – Whether it is summative assessments, formative assessments, time-based assessments, or self-paced assessments, online class management tools should allow schools to define various assessments and help them conduct online.

Manage question bank – One of the most important features of any school management app is to allow schools to manage and create a question bank. Starting from multimedia options, text editors, and images to reusable question paper templates, an ideal free school app should offer such features for meaningful online assessment of students.

Define assessment rubrics – Rubrics are one of the most effective tools when it comes to assessing students’ performance. When online assessments are integrated with rubrics, it helps educational institutes decide on learning and areas of improvement for students. It helps students get honest feedback about their progress.

Immediate notifications of exam schedules – This feature helps students and parents to get instant access to the exam schedules and revisions made in real-time with notifications on various communication channels. Many free school management software like AEDU offers instant notification support for exam schedules and marks.
Online Marking – After exam schedules, the next thing parents and students would like to see in any online assessment tool is online marketing. Online marking features will increase the accuracy and security of marketing and results. The students can submit their assignments online using mobile apps, and teachers can evaluate and share results on the go.

Exclusive reports and dashboards – Any smart school ERP app should offer enough insights using analytical reporting and intuitive dashboards. It should have the capability to generate various reports based on historical data analysis to gauge the students’ progress and performance. Moreover, it should offer multiple visuals in the form of graphs or charts in the dashboard to predict and analyze the students’ future.

Multi-lingual support – Since students are learning and assessed remotely, schools may have students from other regions of the world. And that is why any classroom management system should support multiple languages to determine the students from different regions. Such features can help schools become global on the go.

Concluding Notes…
During challenging times like this, it has become imperative for the schools to go for an online school management app offering a wide range of features to assess students’ performance and progress. Make sure you validate whether the online class management tool provides necessary features to online assessment or not. AEDU is an end-to-end free school management software offering robust online assessment features. Contact us to learn more about how our online school management software can help you streamline the online assessment process…

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