What Makes AEDU School Management System a Lifesaver For the Schools in the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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What COVID-19 has taught us? Well, it has taught many things and introduced transition that is painful for many businesses, specifically for the educational institutes. While teachers and faculties are missing their face-to-face physical teaching environment, students are struggling to buckle up themselves with the new teaching methods. It has become a daunting task for the educational institutes, parents, and students to make things work, and school ERP software has come out as a savior!

For the schools that have chosen classroom management tools, shifting to a new learning model was easier. Though the coronavirus pandemic has put some hard to digest challenges for the schools and parents, adopting an online school management system has helped many educational institutes to cope up with their day-to-day challenges.

If you are uncertain how your educational institute can benefit from school ERP software, you can have a look at the points mentioned below to understand how a classroom management system like AEDU has proven to be a lifeline for the institutes.

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Simplify the admission process

Yes, that is the biggest benefit of having free school administration software like AEDU. It helps schools and educational institutes to simplify the admission process by managing the entire admission and student data online. This greatly eliminates the need of maintaining physical forms and student records. It becomes easy for the administration staff or faculties to access the student information anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the school ERP software like AEDU minimizes the human error or loss of documents since everything is automated.

Efficient staff management

With the help of free school administration software like AEDU, the schools or educational institutes can also manage staff and their duties on the go. Be it salary, compensation calculation, leaves, or even attendance of the staff, you can manage everything in a few clicks only. This helps schools and educational institutes to manage all their staff-related activities from a centralized system.

Automate the teaching process

One of the greatest benefits of having classroom management software is that it helps you automate the teaching process. This is of utmost necessity in the coronavirus pandemic where schools are operating remotely. With the help of various in-built tools like video calling, virtual assignments, and examinations, it becomes very easy for the educational institutes to carry out the teaching process remotely with the help of free school administration software like AEDU.

Track and manage student’s homework and exams

Since schools today have adopted the virtual teaching model, it becomes a tedious job to manage and track student’s learning progress. There is no way to track student’s homework or manage exams and their progress report. An online school management system can be a lifesaver in this regard. Such software contains various in-built tools or modules like homework management and exam management using which the schools can easily track and manage student’s homework and exam related activities. It becomes easy for the faculties to assess the student’s work and progress online without any physical interaction.

Streamlined payments

Most of the time, the parents are instructed to visit the bank or schools to make the payment of fees. However, it is not possible these days due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. In such a scenario, the school ERP software can be a lifesaver for the parents since it allows parents to initiate payment of schools online. It greatly reduces the unwanted delay of receiving school fees. Moreover, it also helps schools to initiate payment reminders as and when needed.

Better communication

The online school management system also has a feature that connects parents, students, and school faculties. With the help of various communication channels like emails, live chats, and SMS, the students, parents, and school staff can easily interact with each other as and when required.

Manage school inventories with ease

Many schools have their own set of inventories like school uniforms, books, and other materials. Managing such inventories manually puts a lot of burden on the school administration. Luckily, school ERP software contains a built-in inventory management module that can automate the entire process of tracking and managing the school inventories.

What more you can do with classroom management software?

Well, apart from the points discussed above, there are a lot of other things where an online school management system can be a lifesaver. For example, you can also track school vehicles, monitor, and predict student’s progress, take the necessary action as and when required to improve the student’s performance, generate various reports, and a lot more.

Want to know how a free school administration software like AEDU can be a lifesaver for your school? Get in touch with us now!

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