Which Digital Technology Trends Will Shape The Future of Education?

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic that happened in 2020, the educational sector has witnessed drastic changes to stand growing and survive for a better future. From the conventional methods of teaching to the concept of “Smart Classroom”, technology has helped educational institutes to make learning more INTERESTING in this crisis.

As many changes taking place at this moment in the education industry, one of the key changes is smart school software. However, the influence of digital technologies and smart apps have made schools and institutions think beyond the conventional school data management software to cope with the challenges posed in recent time.

While some of the technological advancements, such as AI, virtual reality, etc., have drastically changed the classroom management app, it is worth to watch out for the upcoming trends in school data management software. So, what are the smart school software trends to keep an eye on in 2020? Let’s find out in this post.

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  • Virtual Classrooms

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many nations have announced lockdown and are waiting for things to get normal. While governments have decided to take no further action, the education sector is the one that has been heavily impacted by the current situation. Millions of students are waiting for their schools to start and resume their studies. In such a scenario, “Virtual Classroom” is the best possible way to let the educational institute resume their work without violating the COVID-19 guidelines.

With the help of audio/video conference tools, classroom management app, and online admission portals, it has become possible for the schools to educate their students globally irrespective of their location. This makes the virtual classroom one of the most viable trends for 2020 and later years.

  • Smart classroom management mobile apps are on the rise

Smartphones have taken the world by storm, including the education industry too! Today, children have access to hand-held devices and utilize them in a productive manner. Thus, many school data management software firms are transforming their conventional desktop-based applications into smartphone apps. This will enable students or parents to access various critical information related to the study anytime and anywhere.

  • Virtual Reality will be transforming education 

In recent years, virtual reality has become one of the most sought-after tools for the educational institute to educate students. It takes the traditional learning experience to a new level where students can easily visualize complex information. Moreover, it brings cost benefits to the schools who are paying hefty fees for smart school software.

In the future, virtual reality will enable the new concept of “edutainment” where learning will be a fun activity for the children. Therefore, virtual reality should be considered on priority by the higher education institutes.

Detailed analytics & predictions. While educational institutes are moving towards technological advancements, implementing deep learning and predictive analytics would be the need for an hour in the future. It would help educational institutes to leverage from the historical data to derive meaningful and actionable outcomes to mitigate future challenges.

Moreover, it would help students and parents to provide recommendations to improve in the weak subjects or areas. This will not only improve the operational efficiency of the schools but would also help students to improve their performance.

  • Digital Payments

For the schools and institutes, maintaining financial information manually has been a pain point over the years. However, with the recent advancement in technology, educational institutes are now focusing on automating the entire finance operations using smart school software. Be it school fees, staff salary, or school maintenance, in the future, the schools will opt for a paperless system to carry out the entire financial operations.

  • The rise of Blockchain-powered systems

Until now blockchain technology was used extensively in the financial domain. But, in the future, it is going to revolutionize the education sector too. It will help schools to maintain a transparent record system to manage the student records securely.

This will eliminate the need for monitoring or scrutinizing various activities such as examinations, student history, and financial transactions since everything will be secured using blockchain. This aspect will definitely attract many educational institutes to utilize the blockchain to automate the maintenance of their database in the future.

  • Artificial Intelligence will rule

Integrating AI with existing school data management software will bring tremendous revolution in the education industry. Right from improving the feedback mechanism, study methods, and student’s learning capabilities to question base for the examination, artificial will really change the way educational institutes are functioning today. Moreover, it will enable personalized learning and analysis of the learning to assess the students. There are several applications already using AI and other use cases for the education industry are still in research. This means AI will surely rule the education industry in the future with its limitless capabilities.

Concluding Notes

Technology is evolving and so is the education industry. The field of education is continuously growing and changing with each passing day with technological advancements. Apart from the trends discussed in this blog post, the education sector may witness an involvement of IoT, Chatbots, and other technologies in the future. What is your take on the school management software trends in India? Let us know your feedback in the comment section

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