Why Do You Need School ERP Software for Your School?

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For every business, there is software available to automate the business process and so does the education industry. There is various free school administration software available in the market, but it got mere attention from the educational institutes. However, the recent spread of coronavirus all over the world and nationwide lockdowns have accelerated the demand for school ERP software and online school management systems.

In this pandemic situation where the schools, colleges, and universities are struggling to streamline their learning process, school ERP software could be a great way to reduce their manual work. While many schools have already started shifting their teaching and administrative operations to digital platforms, still there is a large number of educational institutes that are in a dilemma whether to move on to the school ERP software or wait for things to get normal.

There is no denying that an online school management system is worth investment and is an essential tool to adopt considering the current pandemic situation and uncertainty of operating remotely for the schools. It brings a whole host of benefits for the educational institutes including:

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Overcome the communication gap

One of the biggest reasons for using school ERP software is that it helps in improving communication. With the help of the right kind of tool, you can easily establish smoother communication between teachers, students, administrators, and parents. Effective communication from teachers and parents can be a great way to improve their overall academic performance. With the help of a variety of communication channels, the schools and colleges can easily communicate about various information easily.

Ease of storing data securely

One of the major problems for educational institutes is to manage confidential information about the students, payments, and administration. Using an online school management system, it is possible for the schools, colleges, and universities to store and manage critical information easily without compromising security. With authorized access, the data can be accessed by the authorized person only. Since all the data is maintained in the system, it greatly reduces the overhead of maintaining physical documents.

Efficient attendance management and reporting

It is a time-consuming process for the administration department of a school to track and manage the attendance records of individual student error-free. Free school administration software makes it easy for the administration staff and teachers to maintain attendance records of the students virtually. This enables the concept of paperless attendance management for the schools.

Simplify examination and student assessment

When it comes to exams, it is the most chaotic time for the schools as well as students and parents. Right from creating an exam schedule and conducting exams to assessing the students’ performance, a modern school ERP software can automate and simplify the entire examination process. Moreover, it helps in report generation and performance evaluation of the students to help them know their weak areas.

Better budgeting

Every school ERP software comes with a finance and inventory module. Using these modules, it is possible for the administrator and owners to manage various aspects like fees, finance, and inventory of a school easily. Moreover, it gives better control to stakeholders when it comes to tracking expenses incur and plan better for the upcoming financial cycle.

Enable online library

Many schools often use separate software to manage the library. These days, many online school management systems come within a built-in library management module that can help schools to manage their entire library on the go. Moreover, it comes with a separate portal for the librarians and school staff to control and manage the library while tracking the interest of students.

Enhance education quality

Since the online school management system helps educational institutes to save time and resources, it is easy for the faculties to focus more on providing quality education to the students. The teachers are no longer in need to maintain physical records of student progress or to interact with students in-person to clear their doubts. This helps them innovate more in terms of teaching students. On the other hand, the students can receive feedback about their performance or assignment without any delay. This way students can also improve in their weak areas.

Improve the productivity of the staff

Since everything is paperless and automated, it greatly reduces manual intervention by school staff. Thus, educational institutes can easily focus on improving various other aspects of school management. The school management can also plan about involving the available resources and staff to work on other processes and so improve their overall productivity.

The potential of school ERP software is limitless. Be it human resource management, student life-cycle management, or reports and decision making, free school administration software can be a great alternative for the educational institutes to streamline the learning process while improving their overall productivity.

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