Go Paperless By Using School ERP Software

School ERP Software

It is crucial to be environmentally aware in the present era to ensure that our future doesn’t look bleak due to a lack of natural resources. Paper has been the backbone of human evolution since forever and has made an immense contribution to the world of art and science. However, technological advancements have rendered it non-essential with the development of effective alternatives. One such option is ERP Software that is here to revolutionize the school ERP software

Go green, Go Paperless is a widespread environmental slogan that is being taught to kids worldwide. With about 900 million trees cut down annually, adopting school ERP software is one of the most powerful statements to help students learn and grow with the correct values. 

Storing information digitally saves time, money, and effort, helps ease the management process and increases work productivity. For example – The traditional way to store information meant that each student gets a separate file. But now, the teacher can enter the name and come up with the student’s record in a matter of a few seconds. 

How will the process of going paperless by using free school management software help the institution?

  • Reduction of Errors and Delays
  • Fewer chances of losing crucial information
  • Elimination of unproductive activities and operations
  • Smooth workflow due to fast response time
  • No space required to store files and paper records

Benefits of Adopting School ERP Software

Saves additional cost

There’s no secret in the fact that schools use a lot of paper. On average, a student might even end up using 1000 sheets of paper per year. In addition, there are registers, student files, employee records, account ledgers, school board notices, and whatnot. The cost incurred by the school to accommodate all the paper, printing machines, ink, staples, photocopiers, laminators, etc., can be cut out just by using the school ERP system. This also means that students and teachers save time and money on their ends, thus dedicating all their resources and efforts to make the learning system more productive. The extra money saved could enroll more underprivileged students in school and give all teachers and other employees a much-needed raise. 

It makes data organization easy

Schools have tons of records and data. Manually collecting, organizing, and tracking all that information is a hectic process that requires many workforces, time, money, and space. Implementation of free school management software makes the input and output process of data simpler, analyses all the information accurately, and updates the records regularly. It helps in the synchronization of data and also sets a timeline for notifications and urgent reminders. In addition, the data stored has an authorized access system to safeguard data misuse. 

Increases productivity

Everyone loathes paperwork. Filling the reports at the end of the day is probably the most annoying part of any job. Teachers are no different. Keeping a check on all their students, coordinating schedules with the rest of the staff, updating parents, and planning work for the next day can take a lot of energy and leave them with no enthusiasm to do the actual work – teach. School ERP software automates the different processes and gives the educators space and time to perform their original duties. Going paperless can save hours of hard work & can be used to increase work efficiency. 

Reduces waste production

Reduce, reuse and recycle is the way of life for environmental conversationalists. Schools teach it to children but hardly implement it in their organization. Reducing carbon footprint is a positive step that can help create a commanding impression on students. There’s a lot of waste accumulated with paper usage – Extra photocopies, old notices, used answer sheets, and whatnot. Storage of all the paper also requires files, cartoons, wooden cabinets, or plastic bags. By using ERP school software, your organization can go eco-friendly and contribute to the planet’s sustainability. 

Gives practical knowledge to students

Due to digital transformation development, most workplaces now have online systems and have stopped operating via manual methods. Electronically upgraded employers are not looking for workers who could keep paper records. They’re looking for practically intelligent people who can manage to work on the web. Schools can give students a real-life experience for this by going paperless and adopting a school management system.

Increases security

Confidential documents are way safer stored on a private school app instead of lying around in a record room. School ERP software provides you with an option to keep all your personal and professional data secure and lets you share it with authorized personnel. No other person can access those files. Similarly, it also keeps the documents secure in case of any natural disasters or break-ins. Students and teachers can keep their records private and analyze their performance daily.

Keeps parents in the loop

How often have we all heard tales of students bunking their classes or hiding the test reports and signing them fraudulently? Alas, those days are long gone now. Parents can keep track of their child’s reports, progress, and whereabouts with the school management system. They can also easily schedule meetings with teachers whenever required. The digitalized system also lets them pay the school fees online and keep a check on formal documents.


The AEDU – AddWeb Education Management System is an ideal choice for schools and other educational institutions looking to digitalize their working process. With the ever-increasing need for better conservation of natural resources, contributing to society by going paperless is a choice that can help reduce your carbon footprint— AEDU’s school ERP software already has a network of more than 1 Lakh people benefiting from its services. AEDU includes several features like a librarian panel, admin panel, accountant panel, teacher web panel, mobile app, parent’s mobile app, and driver’s mobile app. Try it for free now

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