Online Learning: The Future of Smart Education

Online Learning


Nowadays, we are all familiar with the term “new normal.” Now, what does this new normal mean? Of course, it means the obvious safety precautions that we need to follow. But in addition to this, work-from-home and online learning are also the “new normal.” Schools are forced to run online classes, and both teachers and students are trying to cope with this new system.

This shift to digital platforms has undoubtedly prompted educational institutes to adapt to the changing needs. Not only academics, but students can also learn extra-curricular activities online. From accessing your study materials anytime to increasing your efficiency, online learning advantages are vast.

So, what do schools and colleges need now? A robust school ERP software like AEDU connects teachers, students, and parents effectively and increases institute productivity. However, many traditional institutes might wonder why they would invest in such software? So, let us look at some of the ways online learning solutions can benefit you.

Benefits of online learning:

Efficient learning for students

Bored and inattentive students in traditional classrooms are a common sight. However, online learning can quickly pique students who want to learn at their own pace. Teachers can discuss subjects via videos. They can provide students with relevant study materials in the form of PDFs. Students can clear their doubts and discuss the lesson with the teacher via podcasts. Once we go beyond traditional textbooks and include online learning, teachers become more efficient, and students learn faster.

Better accessibility

With online learning, you don’t have to think about missing classes during a family function or because you are sick. Whether you are attending a function in Udaipur or trying to catch up on lessons after a bout of sickness, you have unlimited access to online lectures and study materials anywhere, anytime. School management software helps keep a schedule of regular classes and relevant reading materials. To access that, students need to log in with their credentials. 

Improves social skills

Cloud-based school ERP software encourages interaction between students and teachers- especially reclusive students who shy away from social situations. This is a good way for them to increase their social skills. In addition, the students can contact their teachers on the application online, and the teacher will reply to the students whenever they are free. This creates a healthy learning environment.

An Ecologically viable option

Imagine the number of notebooks, pens, and paper that are wasted each day at school. Not only students but also traditional institutes maintain their administrative records on paper. Even teachers mark attendance in heavy attendance diaries. Online learning creates a paperless learning environment that is cost-effective and minimizes environmental waste.

Much more affordable than traditional education

Think of the amount of expenditure that is incurred each day in traditional schools. Stationery costs, transportation costs, meal costs, uniform costs- the list is endless. However, Online learning advantages include zero expenditure on these areas. All you need is a computer/smartphone & a stable internet connection.

Encourages critical thinking in students

Online learning will challenge you to think critically about everything you do. Each student is different. Online discussion forums help students voice out their thoughts on specific topics and encourage healthy discussion. This self-motivation will be a key skill for students in the future.

Customized learning

Every student is unique, and so are their learning styles. For example, while some prefer to listen to audio, others might choose more video content. Also, each student has a different learning pace. With the help of digital learning, students can go through lessons at their own pace while also getting to choose from various multimedia and text-based study materials. It improves the overall efficiency of the education system.

Better student attendance

Students don’t need to worry about being physically present in class. Instead, they can log in from anywhere, which improves student attendance.

Better communication, better collaboration

In an online learning environment, students have to collaborate with their teachers/lecturers and classmates. This hones your leadership skills. Students can participate in discussions with other students and communicate openly with the teachers. They can also help collaborate with others on the learning app. Being able to share your ideas is an essential leadership trait. 


Online learning advantages are much more compared to trivial disadvantages. It’s high time educational institutes adopt digital learning as their core education system. AEDU – a free school ERP software, provides online education to students and finds more accessible solutions for daily administrative tasks. Parents can also track their child’s progress and communicate with teachers if needed? You are getting everything you will get in a traditional school without stepping into a classroom. How cool is that?

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