What Makes Online Examination Software a Much Needed Tool For the Educational Institutes?

Online Examination Software

Today, after months of downturns and pandemic situations, the education industry has finally started taking a fresh breath in a so-called “New Normal”. Over the past couple of months, there has been a lot of change in the way of teaching. The shift from a conventional classroom environment to remote learning has changed the global education market.

Right from online courses to online learning, the means of education are expanding far. Therefore, it has become imperative for educational institutes to leverage technology and best school management software to make the processes like admissions, exams, attendance, and more available online.

The teachers can teach online, but what about the assessments? Assessment of a student’s learning at a regular interval is vital to measure the student’s success. Simply using the best school management software to automate day-to-day teaching activities won’t help students unless tested. Right from generating online assessments and reports to providing learning feedback, online exam software could bring a whole host of benefits for the students, teachers, and everyone. So, what’re the benefits of using online examination software? How could it benefit the whole education system? Let’s dig into it. 

Online Examination Software Benefits

Online Examination Software

Helps to keep data safe and secure

It is a big overhead for educational institutes to keep their exam papers and records secure. Online exam software is designed to help schools and educational institutes assess students online while keeping exam-related information safe and secure. Furthermore, since everything is online and accessible only by authorized users, it becomes easy for the teachers and school administration to safely and securely manage exam-related information.

Helps save paper!

Do you know that approximately 386 million hectares of forest were lost globally from 2001 to 2019? All these because of paper waste! Another interesting benefit of taking online exams is that it will help save the environment and waste paper. Since it doesn’t require a pen or paper, it eliminates the need of printing physical papers to conduct the exam. Schedule an exam, notify the students, conduct it online, and save paper.

Get exam results quickly

The enormity involved in designing, managing, and evaluating assessments is a lengthy and time-consuming process. One of the major benefits of adopting an online examination software is it reduces the overall time wasted in carrying out the entire assessment process. In addition, it eliminates performing repetitive tasks by the faculties. The whole of the online assessment process involves managing the questions and answers virtually. The faculties can map the questions and their respective solutions and upload them online. It makes result processing faster since teachers are no longer required to search for the answers to the questions. Moreover, it is possible to generate instant results for the assessment.

Online Examination Software is highly Economical

Yes, it is indeed! Since everything is online, it greatly reduces the overall cost involved in the logistics and administration of the exam. There is no need to manage sitting arrangements, decide an exam venue, and hiring assessors for manual invigilation during the examination when schools use online examination software. So it doesn’t just improve the overall assessment efficiency but also helps schools save huge on exam administration and management.

Provide unbiased and easy feedback to students

Most of the online exam software is equipped with various voice and video-based feedback tools. Such tools simplify providing feedback to the students giving an exam. It becomes very easy for the teachers to provide necessary inputs as and when required remotely and without any influence. It enables unbiased and easy feedback for the students.

Wider scope of analysis and reporting

When exams are conducted online using online exam software, it becomes easy for the students and parents to identify the weak areas based on the detailed analysis and reports available. In addition, the students and parents can easily compare the progress made and recommendations from the faculties to improve student’s learning outcomes using a wide range of reports and trends.

Last but not least, it is a better option to avoid the spread of COVID-19 among the students! One of the first benefits you will notice in using an online examination system is that it helps you prevent the spread of the COVID-19 in children since they will appear for the exams right from home. It is important to note that tests are an inevitable part of the education system. Adopting emerging technological trends would save time, cost, and efforts and ensure effective learning and monitoring of students.

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