Machine Learning the Hidden Gem Improving Education System

Machine Learning in Education

Can machines learn out of data? Perhaps, this is the question that gave birth to the whole concept of Machine Learning. It has branched out of the relatively broad scientific area of Artificial Intelligence. Unlike Artificial Intelligence, which aims at imitating human abilities, Machine Learning focuses on improving the accuracy in learning with data and algorithms. 

This technology allows the machines to learn from the collected data without prior programming or human intervention. It may sound bizarre, but this technology has been around the corner for some time now. Machine Learning analyses the collected data to identify the pattern, make decisions and predict the result.

Like many other sectors, the education industry is also moving online, keeping up with the demand of the time. In the online education sector, Machine Learning has made operations more accessible and has increased the effectiveness of online educators. Wondering about how Machine Learning is improving online learning? Here is all you need to know:

Machine Learning in education

Supports adaptive learning:

Education management software analyses a student’s performance and lets the educators better understand the student’s struggles and shortcomings. Many times, students feel left out because they could not cope up with others. It makes them disengaged in the class, which further impacts their overall performance. Machine Learning can identify those students by diving deep into the data. It identifies the reasons behind their learning challenges and suggests ways to overcome their issues. The adaptive approach learning is data-driven to deliver personalized learning. With proper feedback, it allows the educators to provide their students more effective and customized learning experience.   

Increases work efficiency:

Machine Learning can increase the work efficiency of the education providers by helping them with the administrative works. The teachers have to handle lots of repetitive paperwork besides teaching their students. Machine Learning education management system can manage those time-consuming works faster than the human hands. This can decrease the additional workloads on the educators so that they can focus more on their students. In addition, machine learning can help them with tasks like managing the curriculums, onboarding the students, providing them with the study materials and grading them. Also, it supports the educators to understand their students better. Therefore, Machine Learning enhances the efficiency of the whole online education system.

Provides personalised learning:

Every student is different. The learning requirements of every student are also additional. They might like other subjects or might not prefer the same educator. They might have different learning paces or might not like the same learning pattern. Machine Learning can analyze the students’ real-time data and make sure that every student is being taken care. It allows a personalized learning process through which the students can keep learning at their pace. It gives the students control over the whole learning process to make the most out of the learning process. Students can choose their favorite subjects, their favorite teachers, and the difficulty standards with the customizable education system, among many other things.

Supports predictive analysis:

Predictive analysis is about making conclusions and predicting the student’s future based on the existing data. It encompasses statistical tools to use the historical data and expect what the future results might be. For example, it tracks the attendance level and performance in the classes to identify the students who are at risk of failing. This enables the educators to provide critical support to such students. Tracking the academic performance can also determine the students with the potentiality to give them proper guidance. Predictive analytics is the tool that enables adaptive analysis in online education. This can enhance the performance of both teachers and students.    

Helps with educational assessment:

No learning is complete without proper assessment of the students. Without the assessment and grading, there cannot be any data on student’s performance, progress or regress. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can grade the students by eliminating the chances of human error. It requires human intervention but to a very minimum extent. This increases the rate of accuracy and reliability of the assessment results. Moreover, it takes over all the workloads associated with the assessment procedure from the educators.


Machine Learning is helping the education industry to transcend the boundaries of the school’s walls. Especially during times of a crisis like Covid, it is helping the institutions to teach their students without risking their health. If the students cannot reach the schools, the schools are advancing their students. As the importance of online learning is growing, Machine Learning is giving all the necessary support to enhance the quality of online education. However, very often, schools and institutions find online education management quite troublesome. AEDU – Education Management System delivers software to the schools to manage everything with a single app. It makes school management more accessible and more efficient than last time. Sounds interesting, right? Contact us today for a demo!            

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