Top 15 Frequently Asked Questions About Best School ERP Systems in 2021

School ERP Systems

School ERP systems have been around for a long time but it was only till recently that many schools got on board with functioning online and digitally. This software has proven to make a student’s education better and the school’s management easier and more efficient. However, there’s still a lot of confusion around the importance of software applications in our education system. 

Here are 15 frequently asked questions:

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1. What is a school ERP System?

A school Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System is a management software that has made all day-to-day operations more effective and easy. A school ERP software has made daily challenges of paperwork of attendance, fees, admissions, student assignments, and reports, virtual teaching, study material much more tedious and simple. It connects the teachers with students, but it also fills the communication gap between parents and the institution. The easy and clear communication now helps parents keep track of their child’s progress at school, hence improving the trust of the school’s parents.

2. How is school management software better than the traditional automation process?

With technology quickly taking over almost all aspects of our lives, it was only time till it reached our education system. A school ERP management software requires decreased manual automation, lowering the cost and time spent on manual administration. Because school management software is designed to increase productivity and efficiency, it is very easy and empowering to use. 

3. How are parents benefited from a school management ERP software?

A school ERP software allows the teachers and accountants to fill in all information regarding the student’s behavior, results, progress, fees, and overall report via various modules. The ERP software immediately notifies the parents via messages and emails. This not only helps with clear and precise communication but also notifies the parents quickly for them to take any necessary action. 

4. Is a school management software free from the hassle of paperwork?

Yes. A school ERP system is digital, virtual, and eco-friendly. It reduces paperwork because it allows all departments of a school to share information on the ERP software. Automation of all academic and non-academic data is done on one platform. A school ERP system, therefore, saves a lot of paper which would be used to manually automate all information.  

5. How are teachers benefited from school management ERP software?

A school ERP software allows the teachers to minimize time spent on daily tasks of taking attendance and scheduling the timetable. It helps teachers to keep track of every student’s progress as well as shortcomings. ERP software also makes it easier for teachers to give assignments to the students and upload all reading material and resources.

6. How are students benefited from a school ERP software?

Since a school ERP software allows teachers to keep track of student’s progress, each student can get personalized input and help from the teacher. Students can easily get access to all study material and assignments making it easy for students to use all these resources anytime hence increasing productivity.

7. How does getting a school ERP school management system make a difference? 

School management software increases overall productivity and efficiency by keeping the information regarding all employees and students stored in one place. It helps the school become more organized and independent. It saves costs, time, and energy because all reports and receipts for the staff and students are generated online leaving no room for error. 

8. Is it safe to use ERP software?

Yes. All information stored and updated on a school ERP software is secured on the cloud. The school can authorize a selected number of people to have access to sensitive data.

9. Can ERP software also track student transportation?

Yes. This comes as a huge relief to parents. The school ERP system sends quick updates to parents about their children using the GPS tracking system. Parents can view the live location of their kids on the software.

10. Can online classes be conducted on school management software?

Yes. Online classes can be conducted on a school ERP system. Ever since the pandemic, all industries have had to move online to continue functioning. This especially took a hit on the education and schooling of children. It was difficult but with the help of the school ERP system, online classes were made easy and effective for both teachers and students. 

11. Who can have access to a school ERP software?

All teaching and non-teaching staff ( administration, IT, HR ), students, and parents can have access to all updates, curriculum, teaching material, attendance, and overall reports. The software can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

12. How is the staff payroll managed through school ERP software?

Since data of all teaching and non-teaching staff is automated on the software, it has become very easy to generate salary reports and receipts. It has reduced manual errors in the salary slips because the data is accurately calculated in the software. School ERP systems have also secured the process of generating salaries for the employees since maintaining such sensitive information on paper could be risky.

13. How to select the best school ERP system?

There is no doubt that there are many options available in the market. This can make it difficult to decide which is the best ERP system for a school. The important factors to consider before making this big step are if the system is provided with – data security, data hosting, easy user interface, backup and restoration, terms of payment, the clause of data confidentiality, technical support, and authorization of SMS before sending.  

14. Is it easy to set up a school management software?

Yes. AEDU has simplified the process of setting up a school ERP system by providing assistance and technical support at every step of the way. 

15. Should school adopt the ERP system?

Yes. With the fast-paced lives and technology, it has only become vital for schools to advance technologically as well. A school ERP system aims to make the lives of students, teachers, and parents easier and education much more efficient. It provides clear communication, which helps in student growth and understanding. 

A school provides a dynamic learning environment not only for students but parents as well. With this fast-paced technology, it is essential for schools to also digitalize how they function, manage and teach to reach higher levels of productivity and better quality of education. AEDU aims to provide quality education with flawless solutions that strengthen the management and execution of schools.

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