Educational Apps – How It Impact on The Success of Academics

Educational Apps

Technology plays a significant role in our lives. Every one of us majorly depends upon technology for almost everything. Ranging from shopping to entertainment to studying, we are surrounded by technology. The 21st century is the age of digitization, technology, and new trends. However, if we talk in terms of educational apps, they are on the rise. Amid the pandemic, the entire lifestyle of the students has completely changed. Schools and tuition classes have turned online. As a result, many apps are being designed to make lectures fun for the students. Technology has become the only mate that is capable of resolving the issues of children’s education. 

Mobile Apps have created a positive impact on students as well as teachers. Now, both students and teachers can read, learn, and understand anything, anytime, and anywhere. There are many learning apps available for students. They can now thrive on their skills and easily understand even complex concepts. 

Why are Educational Apps Important?

As far as students are concerned, educational apps are helping students to enhance their interest in studies. These apps assist the students in effective learning.

Not only students, but technology also helps the teachers in educating their students. Apps act as built-in lessons and aid teachers in tracking the progress of a student. The right educational app for teachers can also help them in offering a different approach to a particular subject.      

Benefits of Educational Apps 

Educational Apps for School

Modern Learning Techniques:

When students find it difficult to tackle a particular subject, it becomes essential to make it interesting. Among some modern techniques used to simplify the learning process and make it interesting, Gamification is an excellent way to help them in varied learning. The main aim of all modern learning techniques is to align your learning with curiosity and engagement. It will help the students in achieving the targets, develop new skills, thereby improving overall productivity. 


Today’s generation spends the majority of their time on mobile phones. For shopping, gaming, learning, etc., they need smartphones. Students usually do not like studying, but if the boring lectures are turned into interactive sessions, they will surely love it. Educational apps are helpful in such situations.   

24/7 Access:

Educational apps are available and accessible anywhere, anytime. It is not time-bound. So, whenever you feel like studying, you can pick up a particular subject and learn on the go!

Bridging the gap between Parents and Students:

With the help of parent-teacher apps, teachers can keep a full record of a student’s performance. Teachers and parents can also easily connect with the teachers, sharing their queries and concerns. 

Saves Times:

A lot of time can be saved through education mobile apps. There is no need to travel anywhere to get notes of references. With one click, the information comes right into your hands. These apps also feature instant updates, portability, unlimited learning, etc. Indeed, a lot of time is saved!


The educational apps are quite cost-effective. You can pay for the lectures in installments or as per one class. There are many options available for the payment of your classes. With AEDU your digital learning journey becomes even more sustainable, as AEDU, apps are free for all schools.

Availability in Several Categories:

Students can choose apps based on electronics, engineering, language, music, mathematics, etc. With the help of different categories, students can study effectively without getting bored!


In a class of 4-50 students, it becomes difficult to focus on all the students equally. Mobile apps keep an eye on every student activity. While delivering the lecture, the teacher can monitor one student per device. 

Utilizing Leisure Hours:

In their free time, children tend to waste their time watching TV. In such situations, E-Learning is the best way to utilize their time effectively. Children can use this time to learn new skills and engage in several activities.  


Educational apps are sustainable as compared to offline teaching. For instance, we need paper, pens, pencils, etc., for the traditional teaching method. But in these apps, we can refer to the notes by downloading them. Completing lessons on mobile apps is much more effective and simple. Also, thousands of trees are saved because of online teaching. So, yes, it is quite sustainable!  

So, these are some of the benefits of educational apps. The entire education system is leveling up because of these apps. Let us look at some of the amazing statistics of these apps.

(According to Edtech Digest)

  • There are nearly 202 million apps on Play Store and App Store.
  • 68% of the students wish to learn through quizzes. They want other learning materials to be embedded with the digital apps.
  • 87% of the students are currently learning through educational apps. 
  • Students can complete their course material 45% faster with the help of mobile apps. 
  • School apps for teachers and students have grown since 2018.

These stats give us a clear picture of how online education is rising among students, teachers, and parents. 

The education system is adopting new technologies to emulate the ambiance of a real classroom. With the help of artificial intelligence, most lectures have escalated to a different level of experience for students and teachers. With the new and upcoming technologies, the Education Industry is also upgrading its skills. That is why every school and college should have its educational apps. With AEDU mobile apps, students can learn something new anytime. It helps in E-Learning and provides better opportunities for the future. 

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